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July 9, 2011

Terry Bowden on Line 1?

Well, with King gone, Bowden Jack Crowe might get the band back together. Imagine Ealey and King running the Capstone State for JSU.  Galactically stupid came way before game 13.

Anyone that thought King had more than a puncher's chance at playing this fall after failing to get six credits in the fall while needing 18 for the year was crazy.  Does it suck? Yes.  We are desperately thin at running back now.  Oh, and anyone that thinks Richt isn't serious about getting rid of problems, remember: He knew King was in this predicament, yet he parted ways with Washaun. 

Either that or he made a very strong allin bet with Crowell. 


*Thanks to the commenter for pointing out the inconsistency.  This is why you don't write a post during a cookout that more than one person has brought small batch bourbon to...


Anonymous said...

I think tater tot is at North Alabama not JSU.

Anonymous said...

Crowell, Thomas, and Malcome...I'm not feeling too good about that. Even if Crowell is Lattimore-esque, we still need something else. Lattimore got worn down towards the end of the year last year and I have no doubt the same would happen to Crowell. And of course, this is assuming Crowell lights it up. If he doesn't...yikes.

All behind a very thin O-Line. And a weak WR core.

Dubbayoo said...

I believe he's only eligible at NAIA schools, not even NCAA D-II. Maybe Cumberland University (Tenn) will take a chance.

AthensHomerDawg said...

" But it's not because of talent. Alabama was consensus #1 pick in the preseason loaded with talent.

They were just a terribly conditioned team with a poor attitude. There is no other way to explain getting beat in the 2nd half three times. What a disgrace and disappointment for a team that took years to build. This was supposed to be among their best teams ever and they couldn't hold a lead 3 times.

There's a lesson here. Hold off on the statue until the career is over"

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