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January 28, 2013

Stay classy, Georgia Tech

Definitely a Johnson
Try as I might to avoid recruiting stuff, I always get suckered into recruiting stories this time of year. Fortunately, Georgia Tech nearly always gives me a feel good story about humanity and the goodness of people. See, Tech doesn't like their commits shopping around. Nothing stopping them from continuing to recruit at your position and all, but you better not look at another school if you commit to Georgia Tech.

That is a lesson Tri-Cities lineman Jeremi Hall learned the hard way when he took an unofficial visit somewhere but North Avenue. See,
"It has been well documented that Coach Johnson and his staff only ask that recruits inform them if they feel they need to visit other schools. It is not uncommon for Georgia Tech commitments to take unofficial visits with the staff's awareness of their intentions."
Yeah, but then to drop in a 'we didn't think he'd qualify anyway' was a bit over the top. Rightfully, his HS coach stood up for him,
“The crazy part, though, is that some coaches think they have all the power … to pull a kid’s offer just because he visits another school. I mean, did you really, really want that kid from the (start)? Is this rule the same for all of your commits? Or just the ones who you really, really didn’t want?
“Furthermore, is it even an ethical thing to do? That’s one of the things I feel the NCAA should look at. Not only that. I wonder if Tech has ever had a recruit on campus that was verbally committed to someone else?
“I made it a point for them to know (that) I don’t like how they handled my kid. I advise all parents to not let these schools hold kids hostage with a verbal offer. Coaches shop kids, jobs … every year. Let these kids be sure. It’s only their future.”
Apparently, that made someone, somewhere very angry. He is getting calls, and not of support. I have to wonder who has put pressure on the Tri-Cities coach to the point that he feels he has to apologize for his comments. Based on what he said, it sounds like someone threatened his job:
“I really wish it could go away. I know it probably can’t, but I wish I could. I’ve got a family, and I’m not trying to get into anything with Paul Johnson.
“This was an isolated incident where I felt like my kid’s scholarship shouldn’t have been pulled. They should’ve kept the kid on board. I’ve got a family. I’m not against Paul Johnson or Georgia Tech. People need to know I’m sending another player (Shamire DeVine) to play at Georgia Tech.
“I don’t want any more phone calls. I don’t know who is calling me.” 

At least the AJC let it be known that Georgia fans make calls, too.


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