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July 30, 2013

Away Game and Florida Tickets

UGA will let us know something on away game tickets today or tomorrow....probably.

I'm hearing the hold up is one school still hadn't, as of last week, sent tickets to us. UT and Auburn had been decided already. So that leaves Clemson, Vandy, and Tech. I'd bet something will come out on those schools that have sent tickets tomorrow, even if we aren't clear on all schools yet.

Best guess on ticket cutoffs:

Clemson: 45K points and up
Clemson is a tough ticket. You had to have cumulative 30K points to order them, so pretty much only baller status folks were getting them anyway. I keep hearing around 8000 tickets will be sent to us. Take out seats for the band, families, administration, and such, you are close to 7000 for contributors. You add in the number of folks who want those tickets and who were willing to bump contributions to ensure they get them, I think it will be a big number to get into that pool of 7000 seats. The number could be 40K or it could be as high as 50K. I'm just middling it. Our ticket site has plenty of Clemson tickets available.

Vandy: All orders filled 
Vandy is a toss up. One one hand, they have increased interest in their program, both internally and externally. On the other, they still have a long way to go before their own fans will fill their stadium. It is possible the cutoff could be 500 or 1000, but I think all orders get filled. Vandy tickets on the resell market are at $55.

Tech: All qualifying orders filled
Tech's ticket price, at $95, is ridiculous. You add that in with the 30K cumulative total to be eligible to order, I think you have slack demand. When you combine that with the ever present ability to pick up tickets anytime for that game, I'm guessing all those orders get filled. Besides, you can already get resell tickets at about $100.

Georgia-Florida Tickets: All qualifying orders filled
So that leaves Florida tickets. To order, you had to have 8K cumulative points for regular seats and 55K cumulative for club seats. Based on past year's numbers, I think everyone who ordered them gets them (ie, 8K for regular, 55K for club). The only wild card is if demand goes way up, which is possible.



Keith Elrod said...

What's up with the link for your "ticket site"? I just get a blank page with a header about sharing links.

TylerDawgden said...

What browser are you using? I'm seeing all those links with no problem. Anyone else having those issues?

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