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March 31, 2006

Longhorn Blog Asks 3 Questions About UGA

The guys over at BurntOrangeNation interviewed three Georgia bloggers (, I'mARealist and me) for our thoughts on the Dawgs heading towards 2006. My answers to the questions are below. To check out the answers from the other two bloggers, check out BurntOrangeNation's interview.

BON: We've got a hell of an interesting, and closely-scrutinized, quarterback battle brewing here in Austin, but we're not the only ones. Who do you like to emerge as the main man behind center for the Dawgs next fall?

Georgia Sports: Joe Tereshinski III will probably start the first game because he knows the system, but it's going to be almost impossible for him to hold off Matt Stafford all season. Physically he reminds me of a young Brett Favre. Broad shoulders, rocket arm, release points from every imaginable angle, ability to scramble a bit and a stone cold gunslinger. Besides, Tereshinski is too much a pain to spell and the drink named in his honor is a total jinx so I'm hoping Stafford takes the job. Videos of Stafford here. I still can't believe Mack Brown let Stafford sneak out of Texas.

Richt will have the QBs ready to play. Regardless of who it is.

BON: What other spring positional battle is most critical to the Dawgs this year?

Georgia Sports: First, I love Richt. He walks on water, heels the sick, taught me to make love to woman and scold a child. But, he recruits Offensive Tackles like they are some sort of trendy fad. Like the Pet Rock, lava lamps or eating veggies. OTs? Who needs 'em. This year we return a 5th year senior at OT who has played brilliantly at times and played like a short bus rider at other times. We return another senior who has never started a game and has never really played well as a backup. There is only 1 scholarship OT on campus to back them up. We have two elite freshmen that will come in if they qualify. Who knows. To describe me as concerned about OT would be a gross understatement. Otherwise, we look really solid across the board. Some depth issues at DL, but nothing terminal. QB is important, but with Richt on board the QB thing will be fine no matter who wins the job.

I love our front line DL, but depth scares me a bit.

BON: What is Mark Richt's greatest strength as a coach? His greatest weakness?

Georgia Sports: His strengths are his ability to hire and recruit people who want to work hard and do what it takes to win. Realistically, everyone WANTS to win, but most folks have no idea of the amount of work that it takes to actually get it done. And when they find out how much work is required, most folks aren't interested. Richt builds teams, builds leaders and gets them all pointed in the right direction. That alone is worth its weight in gold. His weakness is his offensive playcalling. It's scattershot.

Richt works the refs

BON: Fearless Prediction: ____ will be the biggest challenger to Georgia in the SEC East, and _____ will be the biggest flop.

Georgia Sports: The Gators are loaded in the East. They should win the division. I don't think anyone will flop like UT did last year, but I'm expecting another 7 win season for the Gamecocks. Is it a flop if Spurrier never gets them above 8 wins?

Thanks to Peter Bean of BurntOrangeNation for taking the time to get our thoughts!


(all the photos on this page are by Jim Hipple)


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to notice a large portion of fans overlooking Joe Cox in this race. Talk of him seems to have gone from 50/50 to forgotten among fans, yet coaches have never changed their position on him. He's apparently got good arm strength (Bobo said he was 2nd to Stafford in the article from the Thomasville paper linked earlier this week), is accurate and very smart. Not saying I think he wins the job, but I think he's got a much stronger chance than the VAST majority of fans are giving him credit for at the moment.

Anonymous said...

If Richt's #1 weakness is playcalling...#1b has got to be clock management. With that said, I am extremely happy with the job he is doing overall.

Kyle King said...

I'm with you on the clock management, Superdawg . . . and on the part about being extremely happy with the overall job he is doing.

My answers to the same questions are available at Dawg Sports.

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