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August 16, 2007

Great Moments in Dawgly Child Rearing (video)

This is one of those things you watch more than once.

+1 Parents



Crane said...

This link is so march

Of course no one read my blog :)

I'm proud of thomas but I'm afraid for him. Either this will be his peak or that if not I'm scared how he will top this.

Peter said...

That's great.
I've taught my daughter(3) to say "Gators eat boogers". and she knows what their logo looks like. So she says it to completely random folks at the store. Of course these days they're all wearing National champ clothes for one sport or another so...
I'm so proud of her.

Anonymous said...

Righteous! My 3-year old is gonna learn some new catchphrases for the upcoming trip to Florida.

Anonymous said...

After the tech game last year my 7 year old daughter heard some students shouting "WE BEAT THE NERDS". She thought it was the greatest thing she ever heard and started chanting it to Tech fans as we headed to the car. One of my most proud moments!

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