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October 23, 2008

Recruiting: Rantavious Wooten

I don't do a lot of recruiting stories here. Mainly, that's because DawgPost, and the AJC cover the topic so well. However, there's a couple of commits that I'm really excited about for the 2009. High among them is Rantavious Wooten of Glades Central in Belle Glade, Fl.

Pulling a 4 star wide receiver out of what Howard Schnellenberger once called "The State of Miami" is a big deal. Beating out LSU, Florida and Miami for an elite out of state WR is a big deal. And more importantly, when he looks like this on film, it's a big deal:

That film is from Wooten's *junior* year of high school. Note the unique combination of explosiveness and wiggle on the tape. He reminds me of a Percy Harvin. If you don't like the Gator comparison, he reminds me of a cross between Damien Gary (only faster) and Reggie Brown (with more wiggle).

The long term combination of AJ Green, Tavarres King and Wooten could be a big time trio. If I were to list the current commits that I'm most excited about for the 2009 season, I would go:
    1. Aaron Murray (QB)
    2. Abry Jones (DT)
    3. Austin Long (OT)
    4. Washaun Ealey (RB)
    5. Rantavious Wooten (WR)
Chad Simmons at has a great interview with Wooten on the site today. He talks about why he de-committed from LSU and wants to come to UGA. He also discusses his family's plans to relocate to Lawrenceville.

The biggest open needs for the 2009 recruiting class appear to be cornerback (Branden Smith as top target) and offensive tackle (Bobbie Massie and others are still on the board).



Barstool69 said...

Play by play with the PA...terrible

Unknown said...

That's actually me talking.

He may go.
He may go.
He may go.


Mike said...

Man, I would leave almost immediately if I heard that PA guy. That is just brutal.

T-bag Te-bow said...

wooten the ball carrier

Anonymous said...

I agree...this is the first time I've ever heard play-by-play PA. It's horrific.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Always wondered what HS football would sound like if called by Charles Barkley on qualudes.

Jameson said...

Holy crap, as I listen to this I am amazed at just how awful it REALLY is.

Snap a da ball....Wooten.....pass. Catch.

Throw. Pass. Touchdown.

Perhaps Wooten should stamp, "Listen only on mute" prior to sending to recruiters.

Dubbayoo said...

ROFL. That announcer was the pits. Just play a dang recording. Wooten the ball carrier, he may go...rewind.

Anonymous said...

Charles Barkley says that PA announcer is "turrble".

Please only refer to Rantavious Wooten as "Wooten the Ballcarrier" from now on.

Anonymous said...

he looks a lot like israel troupe looked in high school. Speaking of, what happened to him? Haven't seen him play at all this year.

Anonymous said...

I'd have Washaun higher.

He's having another big year, and just broke the state career touchdown record.

Anonymous said...

Greg Reid of Lowndes,
He is A MAN! He'll be 5A state player of the year.
He is committed at this point for UF but he's always been a dawg fan. Meyer just got on him early and woo'd him big time. I believe he has some reservations about his commitment but he wants to be "true to his commitment". However, Garner & Martinez have been pursing hard of late and he was in athens for vandy. I believe he is faster than wooten, just as quick and stronger-harder to bring down. He has broken Lowndes all-time interceptions record and is apt to break one every time he touches it. He could help us on either side of the ball. Hope we get him!!!

Jameson said...

I think we're missing the point of this video. I think the REAL focus needs to be recruiting the PA announcer as our new play-by-play guy. I don't know that I've heard anyone bring so much intensity and raw football knowledge into the art of PA announcing. He may go. He may go. He may go straight to the top at Sanford Stadium.

Anonymous said...

I see Wooten's wiggle... But i don't see the speed. I'm excited we got him, but he was maybe 5th on my WR wish list.

Anonymous said...

No shit?!?

What's his name, again?

Cameron said...

I second the idea of call him "Wooten da Ball Carrier" from now on.

At about the 1:08 point, the pa guy gets kinda out of breath when he starts saying "he may go..." and then all of sudden just exhales "touchdown".

Anonymous said...

The PA announcer's name is Reginald DuPree. He's apparently part of a package deal with Wooten and will be Munson's permanent replacement starting with the '09 season in Sanford.

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