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October 25, 2010

Derek Dooley on the Germans

There's a lot of message board and twitter buzz about Derek Dooley's comparison of the Vols to the WWII Germans. The sound bytes read like a lunatic was talking, but if you actually watch the's quite funny and lucid.

I'm all for mocking Precious and kicking the Vols when they are down, but this actually had me busting out laughing with him. Not at him.

Imagine Les Miles' socially awkward self trying to pull this off. Now that would be comedy.



Ally said...

Well if you're going to compare yourself to a military commander of the 3rd Reich, Rommel is certainly your best choice. And you're right the humor in the metaphor is so much clearer watching the video.

Still, Derek is definitely his mama's son-this example aside.

JasonC said...

Of course, the Germans had been kicking butt up until that point, not so much with the Vols.

And I would have loved to have heard a German say, "oh, my GAWD!" with a Southern drawl.

Anonymous said...

I really hope no one gets offended by this. He was just making an analogy to history. He was pretty accurate as it pertains to the history side, and I really don't think he ventured anywhere offensive.

j.leonardjr said...

That's GOLD, Jerry! Gold I tell ya!

Will said...

@Ally, no not really. Rommel was just popularized by the Western media because he was the most recognizable enemy. Most of Germany's most brilliant strategists fought in the East, like Manstein, Model and Guderian.

/completely off-topic

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

What is the big deal? I saw Trevor Matich utter some nonsense. I interpreted that UT was the Germans seeing disaster coming their way.

Good lord.

Anonymous said...


Actually, I think Ally was saying that Rommel was one of the more popular and/or "likeable" generals, if you can say any of them were liked. This is probably due to him joining the conspiracy against Adolph Hitler.

Either way, you can't say he wasn't a master tactician.

Or I guess you could, but you'd be wrong.

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