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January 21, 2011

Recruiting Thoughts

Nice work by the football coaches in landing commitments from Malcolm Mitchell and Jay Rome. Typically, I don't put a lot of stock into player rankings as much as I do who else offers a kid. And fending off Bama, Florida and the rest of the planet for these two is a big deal.

That said the rankings on these two are really impressive.
    Malcolm Mitchell:
    • - National Rank 45th / Position Rank 7th (as WR)
    • - National Rank 90th / Position Rank 7th (as a CB)
    • - National Rank 30th / Position Rank 1st (as a CB)
    Jay Rome:
    • - National Rank 18th / Position Rank 1st (TE)
    • - National Rank 68th / Position Rank 4th (TE)
    • - National Rank 56th / Position Rank 4th (TE)
Things were looking bleak about 45 days ago on the recruiting trail. It was beginning to look like Bama would be signing our Dream Team. But Coach Richt and crew made up enormous ground with several top prospects, and we continue to hear positive rumblings from the direction of Isaiah Crowell (RB), Ray Drew (DE/OLB) and John Jenkins (Juco DT).

When you look at the most glaring holes in Georgia's talent base guys this class looks like it's heading towards addressing many of them.

When signing day rolls around, I'm hoping to do a slow developing series of articles called "Profiles in Hope" that sort of outline the foundation for my optimism for next season.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still fairly pessimistic, but this recruiting class is giving me hope. To that end, I like Blutarsky's take on things.



Anonymous said...

F'in A

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

I suspect that the recruiting rankings are in part based on who is offering or interested. So it ends up being a cycle.

Anonymous said...

Man this blog has just died.

Anonymous said...

RAAAAAAY DREEEEW!!!! A.K.A. The Reverend

The ATH said...

Anonymous 10:07 - agreed. PWD, I understand that priorities in life change (I've blogged consistently before and know that it can eat up 2+ hours in your day).

It's been 10 days since an update, a 5-star player committed four days ago, and NSD is just two days away...

I've followed your blog for years, and it's a bit sad to see what it's become. Any chance you could find a young pup w/ more time to get on here and post a bit more (w/ your oversight of course)? The Senator is great, and Seth is finally finding his way at the Telegraph, but we used to always get a different take from you.

Not bitching (and obviously I don't have to read), but if you 1) Can't put the time in and 2) can't find someone you trust to fill in, it might be better just to put this puppy down. I've been there before - tough, but better than sullying your reputation. Just my two cents...

Anonymous said...

Its a shame what's happened to this blog. I understand you guys don't get paid for this and you have busy lives, but you should just take the site down all-together if it isn't going to updated any more than this.

Unknown said...

Sullying my reputation? Are you kidding? It's a blog...done anonymously.

What reputation am I damaging?

Dawg19 said...

Apparently, you've been mistaken for Paul Sheldon from 'Misery' dare you kill her...

Anonymous said...

Don't get mad. You should be honored people care this much about your thoughts. I agree with you, keep the blog up even if it is just for the links now.

The ATH said...

That's a sad snarky response to what I thought was a pretty complimentary post.

Just for future reference, Merriam-Webster is here:

Definition (1 of 3 available): recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability ex.:


Assuming that you consider your other dog fans to count as "other people," the definition applies here. As in, he had the reputation for being an insightful, committed blogger.

Another nice example from the MW:

"Poor customer service has ruined the company's reputation."

They must have forgotten the qualifying language re: this definition not applying to cyberspace.

In any case, you appear to have no interest in: fixing this blog, shutting it down or even conducting civil discourse.

That's your prerogative - albeit an unfortunate one in my opinion. Good bye and good luck in your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Time to comment but no time to blog. People just want your opinion, just throw up a couple of paragraphs. A not too in depth blog is way preferable to one that's never updated. Or just go write for Kyle.

Anonymous said...

He isn't talking about your real life reputation. He's talking about the the PWD and GSB reputation. Either shut it down or hand over the keys. It's a shame...

Anonymous said...

What's the point of a sports blog when the last post is 10 days old and today is signing day? Desperately looking for info/commentary from Dawg world and can't find it!

Evan said...

You seem to take some offense to the criticism about the slow down of the blog. I can understand that, you put a lot of hard work into maintaining the blog over the years. Still, I think you owe it to all of your loyal readers to just give us some idea of what is going on. Is this temporary? Will you be back soon with regular updates? Are you probably done forever? Are you ok? I keep checking back in most days just to see if I can get some closure on my favorite blog. Thanks for all of the entertainment over the years.

PatinDC said...

I thought that was your real name ;-)

Nice class by the Dawgs. I feel like we will be at the top of the learning curve next year rather than the bottom.

I am hoping for Friedgen for OL coach if he would take it. He would be able to offer a different perspective for Coach Bobo.

VAdawg said...

Would love a hoops update...

Carlton said...

Not much has happened since PWD's last post...just a Top 5 recruiting class, exciting basketball games, and a mascot dying. That's all.

Anonymous said...


Don't be so defensive, buddy. The commenters raise (mostly) valid points.

Dawg Nation has loved this blog for years, and you guys are terrific and clever writers and DGDs.

But it's a bummer when - - on big UGA news days - we come here for your take on said news, and the most recent post is weeks old. Especially since there has been so much news recently - - B-ball ups and downs; Signing Day; coach moves; Big Bad John; and, sadly, UGA VIII.

If you're done, let us know. If your computer was stolen - like Doug's - we'll chip in and buy you a new one. Just stop the slow drip water torture and let us know what's up.

A friend and fan.

Taylor said...

Time to shut this down. Absolutely nothing on recruiting? WOW

Unknown said...

I appreciate the comments. There are worse things in the world than having folks wish you posted *more.*

I intended to post regarding the recruiting class. But I was at a funeral for most of the week.

At some point, I will post some thoughts on that. I have time for a quick comment. That's about it right now.

Over the past year, my work and personal life have changed a ton. My work has introduced a level of travel I've never experienced before. I'm the highest level for a hotel chain and I'm a fairly high-level for an airline. My work is more engaging now than it has been in years and I'd rather have a kickass job in this economy than a kickass blog.

Also, my personal life is dramatically more interesting. I just don't have time.

The best blog right now is Blutarsky's. It's not even close. I don't anticipate blogging with the activity level I did before barring a major change in my personal life or work life. Neither of those would excite me.

I'll be more of a participant than a driver of the conversation. that's the way it is now. That's the way it'll continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the kind words.

BCDawg97 said...

Fans were probably thinking along the lines of Groo at DawgsOnline would be a nice middle ground But this was probably the #1a blog with Blutarsky for UGA insight. It seemed that you had some reasonable inside sources to provide some good insight.

Best of luck in your personal endeavors.

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