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March 19, 2011

All eyes on Travis and Trey

Lots of interesting articles about the waiting game to see Travis and Trey's intentions. If they were both to return, the addition of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the mix would give Georgia the bomber they desperately need to bust zones and open things up inside for Trey.

There haven't been many Georgia rosters that had a slasher (Travis), an All SEC post player (Trey), a bomber (KCP) and a steady PG (Ware). I doubt we'll be so lucky as to them both back, but why not hope for a miracle.

Their return would also buy Fox enough time to get 5-6 of the uber talented 2012 in state recruiting class on campus. For more articles:Update: Numerous sites are saying the 2011 draft could be the weakest in either many years or potentially ever. For a guy like Travis or Trey, the agents will position this weakness as an opportunity for them to fill a talent void and be drafted high. However, the reality is that the weakness of the draft also translates into much less predictability in terms of player placement.

Meaning...if you're an NBA GM and you believe that there's very little difference in the #10-#40 or #30-60 players in the draft, your draft selection order will be all over the place. A kid like Travis or Trey may think he's going late 1st round and end up watching the entire process end without being picked.

It's also important to remember that getting drafted in the NBA's 2nd Round means nothing. You are not guaranteed a roster spot in the NBA unless you go in 1st round.

Ultimately - players view draft projections and advice the way most people view weather forecasts. They keep looking around until they find one they like. Which is why I think Trey is gone, and we'll be lucky to keep Travis. Just hope for the best. What other option is there?



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