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November 9, 2014

On the blacking out Auburn

So it is going to happen. Before we get into black jerseys or whatever, let's dispel any myths about black jerseys:
* Black jerseys didn't say Jasper fumbled.
* Black jerseys didn't sign Herschel.
* Black jerseys weren't driving Mutcat's car.
* Black jerseys didn't make Terrence drop those passes in Jacksonville.
* Black jerseys don't have a memorabilia company.
* Black jerseys aren't Pwnn Wagers.

So carry on with your freak out.


Russ said...

Dear god, NO! No more fake juice. We have Gurley returning and we owe those cheating bastards for last year. Just line up in our traditional uniforms and beat their ass. No motivational ploys needed.

Mitt Zombie said...

I've never considered these "motivational ploys." Yes its cool, and the fans like it, and quite frankly I think its our best ensemble, tradition notwithstanding, but I feel like these guys know enough is at stake without different uniforms being a tactic for additional hype. And, since the last time we wore these Alabama pants'ed us at home, I'd like to see these come back with a W.

Mitt Zombie said...

TD-I don't want you to reveal any of your secrets/sources, but where were you getting this? Conflicting reports here:

Dubbayoo said...

I always played better in blue jerseys

(I've never worn a blue jersey)

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