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September 15, 2015

Throwing the ball against South Carolina

Blutarsky hit on something I'm going to talk about in the @WSLSPodcast this week: we are seeing early 2000's Mark Richt coaching philosophy in action. Actually, it is funny we've come full circle as a fan base, with us now calling for the Dawgs to throw more.

2012, we hardly knew ye.

In reality, UGA's never gotten inside 60/40 rushing-passing in the Richt era. Now, we are on pace to set a high on the running side this season, but if you'd gone back to August and said we'd win our first two games using strong running and stout defense, I think we'd all agree that is what we should be doing.

So, that brings us to South Carolina. Poking around, something about South Carolina's pass defense really stood out:


1st Down2251872.021600144.5843773
2nd Down2161168.811501116.6320630
3rd Down2171058.8741291.2721410
3rd Down, 1-3 To Go22150.02110303.2021110
3rd Down, 4-6 To Go15240.0170128.5610200
3rd Down, 7-9 To Go15360.0150145.206000
3rd Down, 10+ To Go25480.02100115.2814100
4th Down22150.0190129.8019110

Teams are doing quite well throwing against them on first down. Now, first down is when the whole play book is open, but when you compare their rushing defense, it becomes apparent that first down ain't their thing.


1st Down2322417.53144665
2nd Down2271154.26220821
3rd Down210585.80029541
3rd Down, 1-3 To Go25255.00029211
3rd Down, 4-6 To Go23227.33017220
3rd Down, 7-9 To Go111313.00013110
3rd Down, 10+ To Go11-2-2.000-2000
4th Down2210.5001100
1/3 of all their first downs given up happen on first down plays. 22% of all first down plays result in a first down. For comparison sakes, UGA has only given up 3 first downs on first down plays. Hey, if we're only going to throw it 20 times, let's make 13 of those times on first down, because it sure feels like first and ten is a good time if you are trying to soften a defense geared for run.



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