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October 12, 2015

End of the 2nd Quarter: Georgia's Little Shop of Horrors

ULM 2nd L25 02:06 Kickoff G00 00:20 *TOUCHDOWN 8-75 1:46

VANDY 2nd V11 01:50 Punt G25 00:05 Missed FG 12-64 1:45

South Carolina:
00:00 SC - Elliott Fry 51 yd field goal 1 play, 0 yards, TOP 0:07, SC 13 - UGA 24

UA 2nd G01 04:48 Punt G01 04:48 *TOUCHDOWN 0-0 0:00 
UA 2nd G45 03:55 Punt G00 03:48 *TOUCHDOWN 1-45 0:07

UT 2nd T47 03:16 Kickoff G00 00:55 *TOUCHDOWN 8-53 2:21 
UT 2nd G25 00:55 Fumble G00 00:27 *TOUCHDOWN 5-25 0:28#

Not a pretty look. UGA has given up 5 of their 16 TDs given up in the last five minutes of the 2nd quarter.

The common factor in the last three games? Special teams:

South Carolina got a 51 yard kickoff return and was aided by a 15 yard face mask penalty. 
Tennessee returned a kickoff 47 yards to set up the first TD. We then fumbled the ensuing kickoff to set up the second.
Alabama blocked a punt for a TD. Then we short legged a punt for 36 yards from deep in our own territory.

I don't have any real answers, expect maybe never have a special teams play at the end of the 2nd quarter again (or defense, if I'm being honest).


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