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July 19, 2011

I'm Going to Have to Disagree with You There

Fifth Level Warlocks don't give back rings
Jeff Shultz talked to Paul Johnson about the sanctions handed down to Georgia Tech by the NCAA.  Apparently CPJ doesn't like being told that trying to hide a possible violation is a big no-no.  His retort:
"At the very least, Johnson wants it known that the Yellow Jackets gained no competitive advantage before the conference title win over Clemson. Also, he’s not giving his ring back."
I guess that is one way to look at it.  As PWD pointed out, there is an alternative view. Thomas caught a 70 yard TD pass on a 1 play drive in a game decided by five points in which he should've been sitting down pending the outcome of his investigation. Anyone think AJ Green would have given Georgia a competive advantage in the first four games last season?

Tech rolled the 12 sided dice and came up with whatever the worse possible roll in Dungeons and Dragons is. I didn't bother to look it up on the Intertubes.  I understand Johnson's frustration with the Monsters in Indy (ok, I did a little research), but trying to alibi after the fact only serves to make them look even more smarmy.  It makes Johnson look like an bigger jackass, to boot.



Anonymous said...

With Techs other receivers you just go one on one with one deep coverage. Bring the other safety up, but with Thomas, you had to respect his ability.

Anonymous said...

Even cheating they still couldn't beat UGA!

Anonymous said...

You have to respect his ability except on 4th down when the ball hits him in the numbers and he drops it with the game on the line against the biggest rival, right? Or am I remembering it wrong? Was that not Thomas?

Anonymous said...

Intertubes! (snort) (shades of ted stevens). Well played

Anonymous said...

The NCAA tied Tech's intertubes.

I just can't help but empathize with them (my spincter just tightened) concerning a player receiving some throwaways from Adidas through a cousin who was not an agent and having nothing to do with an athlete scoring a winning td.

I know, I know. It was the other crap that caused the NCAA retribution, but no one even gave that a second glance at the time the championship game was going on. After all, the retribution-causing crap didn't occur until after the game, did it?

Not making excuses for their numbnuts coach and administrators, but rather I'm lining up with the players since they were the innocent ones who were hurt the most. I don't blame them. I'd keep my ring and brag to my grandchildren and never mention the bag of crap dropped from a low flying plane from Indy.

Anonymous said...

They will never beat us again.

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