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November 26, 2015

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep 030: Clean Old Fashioned Hate

Happy Thanksgiving from Scott, Will, and Tony. Avoid the rush. Hate Tech Early.

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November 24, 2015

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep 029:Georgia Southern Postgame

We delve into the mindset of UGA football fan and where we are after an overtime win against Georgia Southern.

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SEC Power Poll, Week 12

  1. Alabama - Remember when the dynasty was over? Good times.
  2. Florida - All you need to know about the SEC is that the second best team probably should have lost to FAU.
  3. Mississippi State - I'm not willing to listen to anyone about the Heisman if they don't consider Dak Prescott a threat to be invited to New York.
  4. Mississippi - Give Ole Miss credit, when they are on their meds, they are a lot of fun to be around.
  5. Tennessee - It feels to me like the Vols are a fumble and a fourth down pass away from questioning if Butch Jones is the right guy for the job.
  6. Georgia - Amazing how many folks miss Mike Bobo now.
  7. Arkansas - You definitely want to go to a music festival with Arkansas, because it will always end in epic fashion.
  8. LSU - It is funny to me that so many fans forget LSU is where they are because of what Les Miles has done in the last ten seasons.
  9. Texas A&M - Give A&M credit, they did a good job against Vandy's defense.
  10. Auburn - Auburn is lucky they got Idaho instead of Georgia Southern in the SEC-Sun Belt Challenge.
  11. Vandy - I was surprised Vandy didn't play four QBs against A&M in their loss this week.
  12. Missouri - With Arkansas on tap and a bowl bid at stake, I'd expect some end of game shenanigans this week.
  13. Kentucky - I, for one, am ok with Kentucky beating Louisville and getting bowl eligible.
  14. South Carolina - Portland State would have embarrassed the Gamecocks.

November 23, 2015

Two pictures tell the story

The catch and the fumble. Thank goodness for replay.

Photos courtesy of Jim Hipple

UGA vs. Georgia Southern Pics

All photos courtesy of Jim Hipple

November 22, 2015

Two turnovers

When you put the ball on the dirt and have it returned for a TD, that's how you end up in overtime against a team you should beat by 20. Add in a fumble inside the ten and that's all you need to know.

And before you go all 'but it's Georgia Southern,' don't mistake them for the DI-AA team we saw last. They played very strong defense. With our offensive philosophy, those two mistakes can make a swing. Even with their muffed punt, we are not equipped to sling the ball around.

The disappearance of our South Carolina offense if baffling to me. We ran a few of those plays, and it looked like they were open much of the night. And the dropped passes.

As you can tell, this is more of a stream of consciousness rant than anything. I'm happy for the win. Do not misunderstand that. The defense played really well. The offense looked good for long stretches. I just don't get why it isn't sustained. I suspect some of that is offensive line play, combined with whatever limitations we have placed on us by the QB situation, compounded by guys dropping drive extending passes.

UGA vs. Tech Kickoff set

We'll take on Tech in Atlanta at noon. ESPN2 will televise.

November 19, 2015

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep 028: Georgia Southern Preview

Scott and I discuss Georgia Southern, Will's trip, and why Georgia Southern is so closely tied to UGA.

Napoleon's Battle Plan

Before we go all 'yeah but Ramsey,' calm down. That fight has been lost. We are on game 11. There won't be another change absent an injury.

Still, reading this
Georgia’s commitment to Lambert goes beyond the playing time. Methodically, the Bulldogs have adapted their strategy to fit him. No longer are they trying to play a fast-paced, up-tempo on offense. For the last two games they’ve been huddling up and playing a more deliberate brand of ball.
and you can't be fooled into thinking anything other than we'll only see bits and pieces of anyone other than Lambert from here on out.

I could get into the reasons beyond Chubb's injury that we are in this situation, but I'd say we took at least one game too long to get here.

Is there any clearer reason we started Bauta at Florida because someone on the coaching staff thought he was the better QB to run the hurry up? That's the most plausible thing I can come up with, especially considering the way he was utilized.

At least we are doing something with a plan. 

November 18, 2015

His friends are better than your friends

Just sayin'...

Justin Scott-Wesley: Damn Good Dawg

Why would you ever root against this guy because of selfish desire about SEC or national championships?

And I'm not talking about the Coach Richt stuff. I'm talking about JSW and all of the men that wear the red and black. I just can't fathom anyone calling themselves a UGA fan and then trying to justify to that it is ok to want those same men to lose. That kind of nonsense is beyond a debate about who has won what, when, and by how many, and that coach by God should win more.

Show up and show out Saturday night. The Seniors deserve it.

Teeing it up for Georgia Southern

You want a quick game? Georgia's new offensive philosophy depends on running as much time as possible off the clock. Georgia Southern is second in the nation in time of possession, and the Eagles haven't played a game over 3:29 all season.

So you should expect your grandfather's football game on Saturday. We'll throw some, but if the Eagles want to win, they'll have to guard against obvious mismatches on the long ball with Mitchell and McKenzie. That should soften their front to allow us to run.

Southern's run offense is tops in the nation. For comparison's sake, below are GSU's rushing offense and defensive performances to date, with their opponent's respective ranks.

2015 Georgia Southern Eagles Rushing Defense Game Log through 11/14/2015

DateOpponentSurfaceResultAttYardsAvg.Opp Rush Off rank
09/05/15West VirginiaTurfL 0-44401854.6318
09/12/15Western Mich.GrassW 43-1726250.9630
09/19/15CitadelGrassW 48-13543135.802 in FCS
09/26/15IdahoTurfW 44-20341113.2697
10/03/15La.-MonroeTurfW 51-3126471.81123
10/17/15New Mexico St.GrassW 56-26291334.5945
10/22/15Appalachian St.TurfL 13-31482314.816
10/29/15Texas St.GrassW 37-13311264.0642
11/14/15TroyTurfW 45-1018683.78117
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site

2015 Georgia Southern Eagles Rushing Offense Game Log through 11/14/2015

DateOpponentSurfaceResultAttYardsAvg.Opp Rush Def Rank
09/05/15West VirginiaTurfL 0-44571953.4292
09/12/15Western Mich.GrassW 43-17524137.9478
09/19/15CitadelGrassW 48-13493837.8262 in FCS
09/26/15IdahoTurfW 44-20524418.48127
10/03/15La.-MonroeTurfW 51-31674556.79117
10/17/15New Mexico St.GrassW 56-26595078.59124
10/22/15Appalachian St.TurfL 13-31381884.9530
10/29/15Texas St.GrassW 37-13675037.51125
11/14/15TroyTurfW 45-10663254.92109

For comparison's sake, UGA has played the 117th, 105th, 21st, 54th in FCS, 2nd, 51st, 14th, 10th, 95th, and 91st ranked rushing defenses. And Georgia, though very low in FBS in passing offense, has 120 ypg more passing than Southern, who is dead last, with a bullet.

Georgia has clearly faced tougher rushing defenses.

All of this is to say, this makes me feel better about Georgia Southern's giving up 7+ yards per attempt and bad about their having 14 interceptions on the season.

Just stuff to worry about headed into Saturday.

November 17, 2015

Keith Marshall and Nick Chubb would like a word

Tell us about it, North Texas.

Here's the thing, the turf there has been not great for a number of years. That's what you get when you build 200 feet walls around a natural grass field that is oriented northwest to southeast. Or so I'm told by my grass growing friends.

November 16, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 11

  1. Alabama - It has almost become boring with how Alabama beats people. Unless, of course, you are who they are playing. Then it is horrifying.
  2. Florida - Are they the most flawed 9-1 team in the nation?
  3. Arkansas - Things are lining up nicely for them to be named pre-season national champs in 2016.
  4. LSU - Everyone wants to discuss Fournette's lack of production, but it should be noted that LSU's scoring defense is now 10th in the conference.
  5. Mississippi - Getting a week off after being pulverized by Arkansas is nice for the body, but has it done anything for their mind?
  6. Mississippi State - I'm still not convinced Mississippi State isn't the third best SEC West team. Mullen's job this season should get him serious Coach of the Year consideration.
  7. Tennessee - The Volunteers face Missouri and Vandy to end the season. That's the punch line.
  8. Georgia - Old CW: Georgia can't beat Auburn because they can't score. New CW: Auburn is turrible and Georgia should have scored more.
  9. Auburn - And to think, Auburn didn't have to go find an ACC reject to have the worse QB situation in the conference.
  10. Texas A&M - There is nothing like facing Vanderbilt's tough defense to help build confidence for a young, struggling QB.
  11. Vandy - Vandy (approximately) doubled their season scoring total against Kentucky. 
  12. Missouri - It is hard not to admire Gary Pinkel's job this year with all they've had going on.
  13. Kentucky - Man, this Kentucky team is one more bad offensive performance from a huge offense vs defense fight at halftime.
  14. South Carolina - South Carolina is back to playing for moral victories.

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Podcast Ep 027: Abuurn post game

So after this week's loss wholly unsatisfying squeak by win at Auburn, Scott, Will, and I discuss things.

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