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May 17, 2017

Georgia's Projected 2017 Football Kickoff Times

Remember, you mileage might vary.

Times and networks in bold are confirmed.
9/2/17App State4:30 pmSECN Tickets
9/9/17at Notre Dame7:30 pmNBC Tickets
9/16/17SamfordNoonSECN Tickets
9/23/17Miss State7:00 pm ESPN2  Tickets
9/30/17at Tennessee3:30 pm CBS Tickets
10/7/17at Vandy4:30 pm SECN Tickets
10/14/17MizzouNoonESPN2 Tickets
10/28/17Florida3:30 pmCBS Tickets
11/4/17South Carolina3:30 pmCBS Tickets
11/11/17at Auburn3:30 pmCBS Tickets
11/18/17Kentucky7:00 pmSECN  Tickets
11/25/17at Tech3:30ABC/ESPN  Tickets
  • CBS still has their doubleheader weekends, which they usually announce around June 1. They usually announce the first couple of weeks and select games from the season, such as Georgia/Florida.
  • You can bet on November 4th being one of those doubleheaders, so CBS can get LSU at Alabama into their fall prime time inventory. I'm betting on that decision allowing our game against South Carolina to be on CBS at 3:30.
  • That being said, having those weekends locked down will probably change at least one of my projections. Say November 4th isn't a doubleheader, there is no way very little chance our game is picked before Alabama vs. LSU.
  • So there are my predictions. Kickoff times during the season are announced 12 days ahead of time (usually Monday around noon Eastern), unless the TV partners go to a six day window, which they can do twice.  

*I fully expect the full SEC TV schedule to be released about ten minutes after this goes live, so you are welcome.

March 27, 2017

Hell No I Ain't Happy

Fine, SEC basketball is a thing. That doesn't mean I need to be happy with it.

Though, I get what Marc is saying: UGA was close. I've been saying that for a month. We were. Still 1-9 against NCAA tourney teams is why you get left out.

If anything, South Carolina's Final Four run will make it harder for Coach Fox. Not to mention there is now a blue print example of a middle tier SEC team getting from around 20 wins and a questionable 7 seed to the National Semi-Finals.

So, if it is the same with you, I'll stick with the other Bulldogs and hope Gonzaga wins next weekend, because Lord knows Gamecock fans will be insufferable enough with this.


March 14, 2017

WSLS Podcast Ep. 085: The Big Dance

We talk the NCAA tourney, the NIT tourney, and Riley Ridley not respecting Mark Richt.

Huge thanks to the folks at Tailgate Georgia in Athens for hosting us!

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March 13, 2017

WSLS Podcast NCAA Tournament Challenge

Come and get some, y'all. Match up with Scott, Will, and Tony to see who will be the best at predicting Duke to win another national championship.

Go here to join.

March 2, 2017

It's Nightime by the Gold Dome!

Hey, take a night kickoff where you can. Georgia vs. Notre Dame at 7:30 on NBC. See you in South Bend.

February 21, 2017

WSLS Ep. 084: Stadium Expansion, Baseball, and Basketball

We hang out with the crew at Tailgate Georgia.

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February 14, 2017

Sanford Stadium Expansion

You've seen the news. A couple of observations:
  • I like the new gate under the scoreboard, allowing fans to come into the stadium off the bridge.
  • The new video board will be 100'x52'. That's up from the current 75'x46'. That's cool, but unless you improve the sound system and the sounds coming out, meh.
  • It looks like the new seating for recruiting will be pretty front and center. That will provide a great visual of the whole stadium, but not a great view of the score board. Not sure that means anything, just an observation.
  • With the Athletic Association looking to raise about 85% of the cost from new donations, there are a lot of naming opportunities.
Overall, the only thing that'll change the game experience for most fans is the new scoreboard. However, the recruiting lounge area looks very cool, especially if they put students on both sides of them.


I'm Going Over the Edge to Support Children First

Some of you may know that for nearly four years, I was the Executive Director of Children First, an Athens non-profit working with children in the foster care system. Their programs, Athens-Oconee CASA, Family Time, SafeCare, and SPARC, helps over 200 families a year with guardian ad litem, therapeutic parenting, counseling, visitation, and other services, all at no charge to the families.

The work Children First does provides over $1.5M annually in services to those families, on a budget of $400K. This is in addition to the long term benefits associated with children and families remaining out of the foster care system, in healthy family relationships, and with stable home lives.

Next month, my wife and I are teaming up to go Over the Edge for Children First. As Kristin put it when she registered us:
Neither Tony nor I want to repel off of a building, but Children First is an organization that does so much good in the areas surrounding Clarke and Oconee Counties to serve the needs of children and families involved with the foster care system that we feel driven to participate. Since we couldn't decide who would 'go over the edge' we decided to make it a competition and let your donations decide. If the donations received begin with an odd number, Kristin will go over the edge, if the first number is even, then Tony will. 
You donation will support the staff and volunteers of Children First working for the families they serve. The best investment you can make to improve your community is in the community's people. This is a direct investment in people.

The event is on March 18th in Athens. Neither of us go over the edge until we reach $1000. While I'm not excited about repelling off a building, I'll happily do it if we get to $2000+. Please consider supporting Children First.


WSLS Ep. 083: When will we get a championship

We are finally in the same room again! With bourbon!

We talk signing day, baseball, basketball, and other things that have happened in the past.

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February 7, 2017

WSLS Ep. 082: Super Bowl Disappointment

Frankly, I don't want to talk about it.

January 31, 2017

WSLS Ep. 081 - Falcons and Hoops

We talk the Falcon's appearance in their second Super Bowl and get into Georgia Hoops. Will is off the chain.

January 29, 2017

Emerson on Georgia's Basketball Program

Excellent read. Pay particular attention to the parts about fans and recruiting.


ED NOTE: After re-reading the article, there is one bone I have to pick, Jeff Goodman's assessment:
“To me, I think if you’re going to the tournament twice every four years at Georgia, that’s pretty good,” said Jeff Goodman, a national basketball writer for ESPN.
Look, I get that looking at past performance is a way to assess such a thing, but there is no way Goodman would say that about, say...Florida. Prior to Billy Donovan, Florida had been to three NCAA tourneys. All of those were in the late 80s, immediately before Lon Kruger's hiring, which kicked off the rise of Florida basketball as a national power more than an SEC schedule filler. I'll grant hiring Donovan was a game changer, as Florida made 14 NCAA tourney in 19 years (and won it twice), putting them in the National Power category. However,the availability of talent, facilities, and overall funding available within the athletic department at Georgia is at least equal to Florida. It remains my view that Georgia can and should be going to the NCAA tournament more than half the time.

WSLS Ep. 080: Interview with Creature Comforts CEO Chris Herron

Scott sits down with Chris Herron, CEO of Athens' Creature Comforts.

January 11, 2017

WSLS Podcast Ep. 078: Live from Tampa, Clemson Beats Alabama

Will gives an instant update on the National Championship game live from right as Clemson is snapping the ball to end the game, which they won.


Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Coaching Edition

A little nugget caught my eye out of Dabo's day after the National Championship game interview:
“Five seconds, yes, we run the same play,” Swinney said. “I felt like it was going to be a four-second play. It’s going to be in and out. I felt like I could get a timeout with one second. Less than (five seconds remaining), we kick the field goal, and we go into overtime and see what happens.
“Our mentality was to play to win. I was trying to hang on to a timeout. I was just kind of guarding it with my life. That’s why we clocked the ball with 22 seconds, because I didn’t want to get in a situation where we’re having to run what we call red field goal. The clock is running, you try to run your guys out there on a red field goal situation. It’s a long way to go, guys coming off the sideline, and I just didn’t want to get into that situation, so I was trying with everything I had to keep one timeout.
If I had to say there is one thing I want to see out of Kirby before I'm ready to say he's a step up from Mark Richt is that level of preparedness and thoughtfulness about how you approach a play that is yet to happen. 2009 Dabo wouldn't have been there. 
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