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October 5, 2015

SEC Power Poll, Week 5

  1. Alabama - I'm a believer. But their game against Ole Miss remains as a reminder that football happens. 
  2. LSU - Not doing anything fancy except winning.
  3. Texas A&M - Doing lots of fancy stuff to keep winning.
  4. Florida - I know I'll catch grief for this, but I can't ignore needing two scores in the 4th quarter to beat Tennessee. And the Kentucky game. And the East Carolina game.
  5. Mississippi - They've been on both sides of the four+ turnover game. It sucks being on the losing side.
  6. Georgia - Still not man enough.
  7. Mississippi State - Holding Texas A&M to 30 points is kind of a big deal.
  8. Kentucky - Go home, Kentucky. You are drukj.
  9. Missouri - Hey, an SEC win is an SEC win.
  10. Arkansas - In the battle of someone has to, by rule, win, Arkansas manages to do less wrong and get a win in Knoxville.
  11. Vandy - Spoils Middle Tennessee's homecoming. Wait, Middle Tennessee scheduling you for homecoming should be automatic grounds for expulsion from the SEC. 
  12. Tennessee - Good news, Tennessee fans, Butch Jones didn't coach you out of a win this week.
  13. Auburn - With only one gimme left on the schedule, it is starting to look like Auburn might be home for the holidays.
  14. South Carolina - UGA fans, if you want to see what it really looks like when you have fallen off the stage, look at South Carolina.
In looking over this week, it is clear that there are several teams that are grouped together. I'll not try to group them in this poll, but let's just say I had a hard time with the top and the bottom.

Missouri at UGA Time and TV

Mizzou at UGA will kick off at 7:30pm on the SEC Network.

Week 7 SEC football schedule:

SEC Football Schedule - Oct. 15, 17, 2015
Thurs., Oct. 157:00 p.m.Auburn at KentuckyESPN
Sat., Oct. 1712:00 p.m.Louisiana Tech at Mississippi StateSEC Network
Sat., Oct. 1712:00 p.m.Ole Miss at MemphisABC
Sat., Oct. 173:30 p.m.Alabama at Texas A&MCBS
Sat., Oct. 174:00 p.m.Vanderbilt at South CarolinaSEC Network
Sat., Oct. 177:00 p.m.Florida at LSUESPN
Sat., Oct. 177:30 p.m.Missouri at GeorgiaSEC Network

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Waitn' Since Last Saturday Ep 014: Alabama postgame

Whatever. I'm not in denial.

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Snark of the day

I shook my head when I read it two weeks ago. Nice of them to give Saban his 'man enough.'


  1. Who wins the battle for the lines of scrimmage? When the best thing you can say is that the defensive line didn't miss any assignments, but didn't really do much more....
  2. Can Lambert step up and shine? No. Give credit to Alabama's defense. And their coaches. And the guy who washes their clothes. The Tide played nearly perfect pass coverage, while slowing down Georgia's run game. Damn.
  3. How will special teams play into the game? I don't even....
Yeah, I got nothing. This is the first time in a long time of doing this where I nailed all three questions and the answer to all three is 'we got owned or worse.'

Leitch on UGA

I ruminated a similar post. Let me be clear, I was not one of those that left. I stayed until Saban crossed to shake Mark Richt's hand, because if I'm going to be there when we get to the top, I'll be damned if I'm going to wear the shame of not supporting my team when they weren't at the top. After all, I still showed up at the end of the Ray Goff era. I still showed up at the end of the Jim Donnan era. I drove 10 hours four + times a fall during the 2006-10 nonsense to be in Athens (not to mention Stillwater, Fayetteville, Lexington, Nashville, and Jacksonville).

But Leitch is right:
There was a week, through all the slop and the mud, when Georgia fans put aside their fears and their frustrations and their history of never quite being there, that they believed this was going to be different. It took 90 minutes for them to be disabused of that notion, again, and again, and again, and again. There may be a time, one has to think, when Georgia will at last reach the heights that its fans believe it can, and should. That day was not Saturday. Saturday was the opposite of that. Saturday was like the others, but worse. 
I could quibble about it being worse, but right now, I don't know. The one thing I disagree with anyone about (including Leitch on the podcast) is that this isn't the "Georgia blowing one game" thing. We didn't lose to a team destined for 7-5, like last year. Alabama is a better team. I just thought we were, too.


October 4, 2015

Everything you need to know about Alabama's offense

Eyeball the drive chart:

Team Qtr Spot Time   Obtained    Spot Time   How Lost    Pl-Yds TOP 
UA    1st A31  13:17  Punt       A42  12:27  Fumble      3-11   0:50
UA    1st A14  11:53  Punt       A23  09:36  Punt        3-9    2:17
UA    1st A20  08:33  Punt       G11  04:05 *FIELD GOAL  7-69   4:28
UA    2nd A24  12:19  Kickoff    G00  08:26 *TOUCHDOWN   8-76   3:53
UA    2nd A42  07:34  Punt       A48  06:21  Punt        3-6    1:13
UA    2nd G01  04:48  Punt       G01  04:48 *TOUCHDOWN   0-0    0:00
UA    2nd G45  03:55  Punt       G00  03:48 *TOUCHDOWN   1-45   0:07
UA    2nd A20  02:23  Punt       A25  00:35  Punt        3-5    1:48
UA    3rd A24  14:56  Kickoff    A27  13:21  Punt        3-3    1:35
UA    3rd G00  13:07  Int        G00  13:07 *TOUCHDOWN   0-0    0:00
UA    3rd G38  11:24  Punt       G00  10:05 *TOUCHDOWN   4-38   1:19
UA    3rd A43  08:18  Punt       A47  07:08  Punt        3-4    1:10
UA    3rd A05  05:47  Int        A35  04:11  Fumble      4-30   1:36
UA    3rd A25  02:45  Fumble     A30  00:19  Punt        3-5    2:26
UA    3rd A29  00:00  Kickoff    A32  13:23  Punt        3-3    1:37
UA    4th A30  11:44  Punt       G35  08:07  Downs       6-35   3:37
UA    4th A34  07:06  Punt       G37  02:10  Downs       8-29   4:56
UA    4th G39  00:58  Int        G34  00:00  End of half 2-5    0:58

That's two drives of longer than half the field. Alabama won this game on defense and special teams. Yes, they'd have won with out the blocked punt and the pick 6, but without them, the tenor of the game is very different. If we don't come out having to throw the ball in the second half, what does that change about the game?

I know, I know, if and buts and all that. I just can't get past all the short fields we gave them and how poorly our QB play was, so I have to grab on to something.

October 3, 2015

Load up

Get to Athens. Alabama ain't scared of the weather and they have an IPF. And the rain ain't played nobody!

Go Dawgs.

October 2, 2015

3 Questions: Alabama

  1. Who wins the battle for the lines of scrimmage? Offensively, can UGA do enough to get the ground game going and keep Lambert alive? Defensively, can we create havoc and make Coker look like he did against Mississippi? Can we contain Henry and Drake?
  2. Can Lambert step up and shine? The knock on him has been the punchline of 'former UVA QB.' This is the kind of game that will let him shake that off once and for all.
  3. How will special teams play into the game? I like our chances if it comes down to something special teams with one big caveat: the rain. It makes catching punts/kicks hard and costs the return guy the ability to cut.
Honestly, this is one of those games that you could list 50 things and probably be right. Both teams are so evenly matched talent wise. There are no moral victories, but this is a measuring stick game for UGA. Play to the level I believe UGA is now at and we'll win or be really, really close to winning, absent something fluky. 

Go Dawgs.

Reasons for hope: Alabama

  1. Despite the rain, we can move the ball through the air. Too much is made of rain=can't throw. In reality, rain helps the offense in passing situations because the recievers already know where they are going, which way they are going to cut, and how the play should develop. Yes, there is an added challenge of catching the wet ball, but that isn't nearly as important as getting open/having room to run if the ball is caught in the first place.
  2. We have the TEs to exploit their upfield rush. Alabama is going to make us throw. I'm cool with that: "Georgia’s got a fine offensive line, bookended by senior tackles John Theus and Kolton Houston,but they will be tested by this pass rush. Georgia does have a significant edge on passing downs, as the Tide defense at times still seems to struggle on third downs." To boot, we know we can go deep a couple of times.
  3. We are now a quick read team. That is what Alabama struggles with, especially when they have to defend a team that is competent at the quick slant and has RBs that can run competent pass routes.
  4. If you are going to run on Alabama, you do it on the edges. This is why I think Sony Michel is more of a key to this game than Nick Chubb. I think Chubb gets 20 carries. At least. I also think to win, Michel has to touch the ball 15 or so times, with a nice mix of rushes and catching passes. For my money, run a wheel route with Michel. That should be money all day.
Look, I'm not saying Alabama is a bad team. Far from it. I'm saying Georgia is a good team. And is both talented enough and well prepared enough to win tomorrow. I realize that sounds provocative and wacky to some people, but there it is.

One last thing: I believe what happened against UL-Monroe and Vandy (especially in the first half) with Lambert is a direct result of our game plan. We were intentionally static and predicable. That is not the offense Brian Schottenheimer will run the rest of this season. 


Reasons for Concern: Alabama

  1. Schottenheimer and Lambert have become too reliant on the quick slant to Mitchell. Smart and Saban are two of the best at disguising coverage. I fear we'll go to that well one too many times and the Tide D will have someone waiting there that Lambert never sees to jump that route. That is a recipe for quick pick 6.
  2. Alabama's defensive backfield is much improved. A lot of that is due to their newly found pass rush, which is great a bringing pressure from the base looks and from weird angles. If Lambert gets happy feet, can he maintain poise and take a hit? 
  3. What if the rushing game is not working at all. They have a very good front seven, especially against the run. I'm not sure we have the passing offense to get us a win.
  4. Alabama's leading reciever is OJ Howard, their TE that is built like Blazevich, but runs like Chris Conley. He is a beast in space. He is even better when he splits seams in coverage. In all four of our games, the most successful pass plays that teams have run against UGA has been the middle seam route, where the LBs give up on (or flat out fail to) coverage of that middle guy. 
  5. Lane Kiffin had the best possible game plan as the OC at Tennessee against us in 2009. See #2 and add in play action pass.
  6. UGA hasn't faced a 1-2 punch like Henry and Drake yet.

Alabama presents a unique challenge: They are a mirror image of UGA, both offensively and defensively. The problem is they have more experienced players, especially on defense. It remains to be seen if Georgia has closed the coaching gap.

October 1, 2015

Not to put too fine a point on this....

Alabama's rushing defense hasn't really faced the greatest rushing threats in the world yet:

09/05/15+ 13 AlabamaTurfL 17-3521401.900
09/12/15Miami (Ohio)TurfW 58-0451884.183
09/19/15TroyTurfW 28-3351995.693
09/26/15HawaiiTurfW 28-0543266.043

Middle Tennessee State
09/05/15Jackson St.TurfW 70-14622423.904
09/12/15@ 13 AlabamaGrassL 10-3731862.770
09/19/15CharlotteTurfW 73-14492805.714
09/26/15IllinoisTurfL 25-2737381.030

Ole Miss
09/05/15Tenn.-MartinTurfW 76-3363389.395
09/12/15Fresno St.TurfW 73-21352156.144
09/19/15@ 13 AlabamaGrassW 43-3732922.882
09/26/15VanderbiltTurfW 27-16421513.602

09/05/15@ 8 GeorgiaGrassL 14-5126451.730
09/12/15Nicholls St.TurfW 47-0382025.323
09/26/15@ 13 AlabamaGrassL 0-343190.290
stats courtesy of
Besides Wisconsin, which has been an average rushing team outside of the Alabama game (and that against the #87, #110, and #119 ranked rushing defenses), there is nothing about Alabama's competition to get me excited. Once Mississippi got into the conference schedule, they struggled; for comparison sake, UGA rushed for 130 more yards on Vandy on one less attempt. Overall, Alabama has played tougher competition, but it their rushing defense remains an open question when you look at what the teams they have faced have done against other schools.

I'm not saying this means anything about Saturday other than anyone quoting Alabama's defensive rushing stats and in the same breath saying Georgia hasn't faced anyone isn't really being intellectually honest.

Waitin' Since Last Saturday Ep 013: Alabama Preview

Will, Scott, and I break down the matchup, state our hopes and dreams for the outcome of this game and discuss what a win for Georgia might mean as the season progresses, but just as we begin to settle in on a good feeling about the Dawgs chances of taking down Saban and company on Saturday, one of us picks the Tide to beat Georgia. Which one of us is it? Stay tuned to find out.

Does Clemson stand a chance against Notre Dame in Death Valley as the Irish make their first trip to Clemson since 1977 when Joe Montana was taking snaps under center. Two of the most disappointed fan bases in college football square off in Knoxville as embattled coaches face off as Arkansas limps into Tennessee. There is one more key West vs East SEC matchup happening in Gainesville as Ole Miss and their vaunted Land Shark defense seek to stay undefeated against the surprisingly undefeated Gators.

If you want to tweet us, our show’s handle is @wslspodcast. Will’s personal handle is @williamfleitch, Tony aka tyler dawgden can be found at, no surprise here, @TylerDawgden and as for me, Scott Duvall, my Twitter handle is @JaWaViFilms.

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September 30, 2015

McKenzie cleared

ACCPD is closing their case. No charges will be filed.
Now to get the Life Skills folks at Rankin Smith on going to Chili's.

Southern Game Pictures

All photos courtesy of Jim Hipple.

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