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January 29, 2015

"That is terrible!"

Yes, Mr. Vandenburg, it is.

I've spent most of January purging. I still love Georgia, college basketball/football, and writing. I just need a break, I guess. I intend to continue on that purge over the next few weeks (but if you are desperate, I'm on Twitter), but the Vanderbilt rape trial is one that I have been following that compels me to write. But not about the actual trial or what led to the trial.

While there are some pieces to the story that are in contention, these facts are not: Brandon Vandenburg, who was at the time projected to be Vandy's starting TE, videoed his girl friend getting sexually assaulted by team mates, while encouraging them to do so. He and Cory Batey were convicted this week. Mr. Vandenburg was also convicted of evidence tampering and unlawful photographing the victim during the attack.

There is a whole month of cautionary tale posts here, but one thing that just struck me totally wrong was Brandon Vanderburg's father shouting "That is terrible!" when the jury foreman read the verdict.

"That is terrible!"

Yes, Mr. Vandenburg, it is terrible in a real way, but not in the way you meant it. But using that particular verbiage, something I feel comfortable you've shouted countless times at coaches, referees, Brandon's other team mates, teams he's gone against, and probably Brandon, too, illustrates bigger issues. I can't imagine how hard it is to have a child convicted of something this terrible. I hope I never, ever find out or even face the possibility of that.

But there is that video. Perhaps you didn't see it; I know I didn't. I don't think I would have wanted to, if I were in your position. The terrible thing is that sitting in the court room, with the victim, her family, your son's co-defendant, and everyone else that did see the video, you decided one more time to make it about how your son isn't getting his fair shake.

The terrible thing is you made it about your son.

Mr. Vandenburg, it's on us. Fathers. Brothers. Coaches. Leaders. Administrators. Men. It's on us.

The idea that you and your wife will lose your son, who had so much promise, nearly moves me to tears in the abstract. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. I'm gussing this isn't how you taught him to be. I'd sure like to think so. But this is a bed he made for himself. One that ultimately cost his team mate, and likely two more team mates, their liberty. One that cost a young lady so much more.

Don't be that guy. Don't be the 'couldn't be my son.' Don't be the 'he just watched' guy. Don't be the 'its only kids being kids' guy. Don't be the 'boys will be boys' guy. Don't be the 'it is the culture' guy. Don't be the 'it was this way when I was in school' guy. Don't be the 'she got too drunk' guy. Don't be the 'she knew it was coming' guy. Don't be the 'she wanted it' guy. Don't be the 'he ain't responsible for others' guy. Don't be the 'it isn't my business' guy. Don't be the 'that's terrible' guy. Just don't.

It's on us.

January 13, 2015

Dawgs finish ranked 9th

Let the 'worst 10 win team in history' nonsense start now.

I'll have more on the season later, but consider this: would you have been ok with 10 wins and a top 10 ranking on August 28, 2014? Clearly, I would have.

January 10, 2015

Rob Sale named UGA OL coach

Exceptional hire. His staff bio.

January 7, 2015

Final SEC Power Poll Ballot

  1. Alabama - Lane Kiffin can't figure out how to stop a third team QB, can he?
  2. Missouri - By carrying the SEC's flag with the conference's top bowl win, there is no way the Tigers aren't a lock for next year's SEC East preseason top pick.
  3. Georgia - Mickey Mouse offenses always trumps defenses that don't have any idea what alignment they are supposed to be in.
  4. Mississippi State - Stop the damn dive!
  5. Mississippi - The Rebels first December trip to the Georgia Dome turned out about like you would expect.
  6. Texas A&M - A&M is a decent defense from being scary. They are a good WR from being terrible.
  7. Auburn - Hard to say if teams have caught up to the Auburn defense, but it has to be hard to ignore that they've not beaten anyone with a pulse since November 1st.
  8. LSU - In a Catholics vs. mostly Catholics, Notre Dame beat LSU in football the same way they beat them in the wing eating contest: Failing to come back late.
  9. Arkansas - If the Hogs can replicate that defense, they'll be dangerous in 2015.
  10. Florida - Florida wins in Birmingham with a QB that was already released from his scholarship. That's just how good the SEC East was in bowl season.
  11. Tennessee - I'm not ready to proclaim Tennessee a darkhorse SEC East contender, but I do think they'll give more teams than Georgia a tough game next year.
  12. South Carolina - The toughest question facing Gamecock fans in the off season is 'are the glory days over.
  13. Kentucky - Hey, Kentucky hasn't lost a football game in over a month!
  14. Vandy - Mercifully, it ends.

January 6, 2015

Dawgs face Arky tonight at 7pm

@SethEmerson: ICYMI, my story from this morning on the SEC's sudden improvement (gasp) in basketball. Shared via TweetCaster

Hard to call the first game of the conference schedule a 'must win,' but this is a winnable home game against a team that is going to finish in the top 50 in RPI. It should give us a good idea where we stand going into the much better SEC.

December 31, 2014

Third and Grantham

@BassinDawg: #Dawgs So I felt compelled to make a #ThirdAndGrantham version of the Louisville fans' Grantham sign.. #GoDawgs #GATA Shared via TweetCaster


December 30, 2014

Charlotte police

And then I got a ticket for jaywalking.

December 26, 2014

Georgia-Louisville info to chew on

December 25, 2014

Mario Cristobal

Boy, I'd love to see him in Athens in some capacity. He's never been a coordinator, but led Florida International to their first two bowl berths as a head coach. He's been at Alabama as the OL coach, played OL at Miami, has coached TEs and OL, and has is a pretty emotional guy.

I think we could do worse as OC, though I'd think we'll promote John Lilly before we'd hire Cristobal as OC.

Just a random thought on Christmas night.

Bill Connelly nails it

Speaking of the Western Kentucky-Central Michigan Bahamas Bowl scoring bacchanalia:
I don't want to ever hear someone saying there are too many bowls again. Every bowl is bonus football and a chance to see something you've never seen before. If we wanted to create 64 bowls and let the two worst teams in the country take each other on from an aircraft carrier or from farmland in the middle of Montana, I would watch, just in case.
I've been saying the same thing for years and years. Are there a lot of bowl games, essentially rendering what we remember as the reward for a good season moot? Yes. Are there too many? Heavens no.

If you think the college football playoffs are the best thing for college football because of the TV/entertainment value, I don't understand why you don't see the entertainment value of two random teams fighting for one more win in a random city. Who cares if the teams are 6-6. Bonus football is fun football.

Merry Christmas and pass the bowl games.

December 23, 2014

Louisville will have one less gun to use in Belk Bowl

@BarrettSallee: In his 30th year of eligibility, Michael Dyer is now ineligible. Shared via TweetCaster

See what I did there? 

And what in the hell do you have to do to fall out off Louisville?

On not offering Bobo more $

Y'all, if we didn't offer Bobo more money, it is because Bobo told Richt to not bother. Yes, I agree that we should have been paying him more, but I believe he still takes this opportunity if we had been.

Think about the logic. Financially, we are in a better place offering Mike Bobo whatever he wants than going on the market to hire an unknown quantity. We are going to pay market for the next OC, probably in the neighborhood of $900k. That won't factor in the costs of moving him and his family to Athens or any buyout we'll pay. Paying Mike Bobo $1.5M is better long term financially.

Mike Bobo has never been about the money. He could have leveraged UGA last year, but didn't. He has turned down other opportunities to explore leaving and this was his best chance to hone his craft now. He wanted to be a head coach, and McElwain left a pretty good situation for a young coach to come in and do well at.

The other part of this is that UGA now has a risk free way to see if Bobo has what it takes to be the next coach at UGA. If he goes to Colorado State and does well, that makes it a lot easier hire for UGA than if we just promote him from within. If he goes to Colorado State and does not do well, then it's easy to not make that hire.

Finally, at this point, if Mike Bobo turns down the Colorado State job, he's telling the whole world he does not want to be a head coach.

I'll easily agree that our athletic administration is tight with their spending. But if you believe that we didn't offer Mike Bobo more money because didn't want to spend money, you're not even following your own logic.


December 22, 2014

Bobo to Colorado State

So it looks like that's happening. Before we panic, or have much jubilation depending on the camp you're in, remember what happened and who we hired at Grantham left. Not saying we make such a homerun hire this time, but I can see us going out and making a great hire this time.

The important part to remember is that we will hire somebody to run pro style offense, someone who understands what Richt wants out of game management, and someone who is a good teacher. I don't know who's out there that fits that bill, but I think this is where BMHH will end up opening up the checkbook.


December 21, 2014

Excellent hire for S&C

@FootballScoop: Sources tell us that Alabama asst strength coach Mark Hocke will be new head strength coach at Georgia

Devil will be in the details, especially his pay. You'll be able to read some tea leaves about other UGA salaries based on Hocke's pay. Haven't checked the message boards, but I assume they are pretty mad that we couldn't get the head S&C guy from Bama.

December 18, 2014

Fun Free Office Pools: Get your picks in

We have several games Saturday. Get those picks in or join the fun. I'm on the road from now until Christmas Eve, so this will likely be your last reminder.
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