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June 23, 2015

Ticket Cutoffs


That's the Hartman points it will take to get tickets this year. That is up from 1001 last year. Either fans are really betting on UGA this year or the new young alumni program is paying off.

We'll know about single game tickets, away game tickets, and Florida tickets after July 31st whenever we find out about them.

Blutarsky called the jump the 'Bama effect. If that is the case, I hope all you cats out there who put up big numbers to ensure you got Alabama tickets don't 1)Sell them to some bro wearing houndstooth, and 2)you come to some of those other games that we need fans at.


June 22, 2015

Iktsuarpok: Is it football season yet?

Iktsuarpok (Inuit): That feeling of anticipation when you're waiting for someone to show up at your house and you keep going outside to see if he's there yet. 



June 21, 2015

UGA composite rank

There are a few to go, but here you go.
UGA's highest rank is sixth, by Phil Steele.

June 19, 2015

On the QB situation

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of being on Marc Weiszer and Fletcher Page's podcast with Blutarsky, which was released today. One of the questions revolved around the QB situation, specifically, who will be the starter.

That got me thinking, especially since I've changed my mind several times, why do I think it'll be Brice Ramsey Faton Bauta?

I'm starting with the assumption that Lambert won't be the starter. If he comes in, learns the playbook, takes control of the team, and has the physical tools to beat out two players that have been here all along, then good for him. I don't see it happening. And if it does, our QB situation was far more dire than even the darkest of dark place Tyler would have been allowed to think about.

So that leaves us Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta.

Why Bauta?

It is really a process of reverse logic, which I'll admit is full of flaws. The thing that keeps standing out to me is 'Why open up the quarterback race?'

Ok, I get we have a new coordinator. But why not chose one after GDay? Why wait? It was clear (to me) that one QB had the ability to put the ball in places better than another. It is clear one has more arm talent, better footwork, and sees more of the field.

Yet I think it'll be the other QB starting.

I don't have a dog in the hunt, other than wanting the coaches and offense to feel they've got the guy in that will give them the best chance to do what they want to do on offense. I just think it'll be Faton Bauta right now.


PS. Yes, I know this is a stream of consciousness semi-rant.
PPS. And I'm willing to be wrong on this. This is written to help me flesh out some stuff in my mind about what our offense will actually be when we get to September.
PPPS. Hint: it'll be a lot of handing the ball off and exploiting match ups in short passing game.

Bulldog Blogger Roundtable

Thanks to Marc and Fletcher for having Blutarsky and I on.

June 18, 2015

UGA's first three game times are announced

UL-Monroe: Noon on SECNetwork
at Vandy: 3:30 pm on CBS
South Carolina: 6pm on ESPN

Someone thinks UGA will be pretty good, based on the Vandy and South Carolina kickoffs.

Fair Catch University is no more

Last year was salve to the soul....

2014 Georgia Bulldogs Punt Returns through 01/12/2015

1Isaiah McKenzieFRWR121923012.1121.619.2
2Reggie DavisSOWR1312957.9200.97.3

But then you look at 2013 and 2012, and only one thing really stands out...

2013 Georgia Bulldogs Punt Returns through 01/06/2014

1Reggie DavisFRWR1114463.2901.34.2
2Damian SwannJRDB139283.1100.72.2
3Sheldon DawsonSODB12100.0000.10.0
4Shaq WigginsFRDB121-1-1.0000.1-0.1

2012 Georgia Bulldogs Punt Returns through 01/07/2013

1Rhett McGowanJRWR149758.3300.65.4
2Malcolm MitchellSODB1311575.1800.84.4
3Damian SwannSODB145377.4000.42.6
4Shawn WilliamsSRDB1412525.0000.11.8
5Chris ConleySOWR14199.0000.10.6

Isaiah McKenzie's talent changed what our punt return approach is. The number of returns don't stand out so much, because that is pretty consistent much more consistent than I would have dreamed, but the yards gained per return increase is stunning.

And that really stands out when you look at Reggie Davis' return yards in 2014 vs. 2013. I can't say with certainty, but you have to think we worked more on punt return in practice than in years past, knowing McKenzie is a threat to break one. That contributes to Davis getting a couple of more steps when he does get the chance to return a punt.


*all stats are courtesey of CFBStats

June 17, 2015

Georgia to play UCLA in home and home series

I was hoping for USC....

We play in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl in August 2025, with the Bruins coming to Athens in September 2026. It's too early to book flights, but I'm pretty excited about getting to go to LA to play.

Give credit where it is due, McGarity has been busy shoring up the OOC schedule. For my money, this is a far sight better than UNC in the Dome.

Early signing proposal for football doesn't pass

I don't think that is a surprise, considering the lack of support in some circles for the timing offered, which was three days mid-December.

Another reason, and a big one...
The devil is in the details here. There is 'consensus' for having an early signing period. There is no consensus among the P5 schools about what that should look like. You should read that as what the SEC and their P5 brethren think will give them the most recruiting advantage.

But to be sure, they'll couch it in player welfare terms.

Is it college football season yet?

I've enjoyed the respite, and frankly the daily grind of OMG!!!!!PARKISTRANSFERINGANDWELLHAVEAUVAREJECTSTARTING during the off season just wears me out. But damn do I miss football season.

(H/T Kevin McGuire)

June 14, 2015

OTL is on the mother - Florida and FSU are the schools to chose if you want to commit crime as a student athlete

I'm sure all of you will be shocked to know that the University of Florida had the highest percentage of athletes named as suspects but not charged in an ESPN Outside the Lines report studying ten schools. UGA wasn't one of the schools.

Honestly there is nothing shocking in the report if you've been following SEC sports, and in particular are a fan of the  dichotomy between how University of Georgia/Athens-Clarke County treats athletes and other schools do so. Maybe Huntley Johnson is just that good.

It's an interesting read, and one that isn't likely to quiet the Urban ran a dirty program folks in Florida.

May 21, 2015

Pwnn Wagers' greatest hit

For my money, it was his awful step back looking for a reason to penalize Richt at Auburn in 2013.
What's your best worst Wagers call?

Advanced stats don't lie, part 2...UGA projected 5th in FEI

Yesterday, Connelly's stats had us 3rd. Today, Fremeau has us 5th. Fremeau's stats look solely at game performance, I have to assume adjusted for returning starters, ect.

I reached out to get a sense of how his formula works:

The projected top ten:
  1. Ohio State
  2. Alabama
  3. Oregon
  4. Baylor
  5. Georiga
  6. UCLA
  7. FSU
  8. Notre Dame
  9. TCU
  10. Michigan State
As I mention in yesterday's post, this isn't a prediction of how the season will end. It is a projection of what should happen, factoring actual, FBS vs. FBS non-garbage time plays.

PS. If you are into advanced stats, Connelly and Fremeau are the go to guys.

May 20, 2015

Advanced stats don't lie....UGA projected 3rd in S&P+

Bill Connelly expresses surprise at UGA being there...
The most surprising teams in the top 10: Georgia, Ole Miss, and UCLA. Well, Georgia being third is surprising. I included each set of rankings so you could understand what the numbers see. Georgia has been one of the most consistently awesome teams in the country (fourth in weighted five-year history) and benefits from that here.
I can't say I disagree with him, though we did well in his stats last year. In fact, UGA was easily the most confusing team for him to figure out last year, something he mentioned on more than one occasion. Based on his stats, Georgia will be a favorite in every game they play this year, save two, Alabama and Auburn.

The top ten:
Without further adieu, here are the 2015 projections. Analysis below the table.

ConfProj. S&P+Rk2014 RkProj. change5-year performanceReturning starters impactRecruiting impact
Ohio StateBig Ten24.021-1219
Ole MissSEC18.266014221
Michigan StateBig Ten17.2911281322
OklahomaBig 1217.010133121516

This is a predictor of what will happen, it is, especially in May, a look at what should happen.  Don't book flights to Arizona yet.


May 8, 2015

Golson in the mix at UGA?


Everett Golson certainly brings some experience to the table, but the article notes his spotty academic record. What it didn't talk about was his game performances, which went from pretty good to down right horrifying (for a more expansive treatment, see his game against Arizona State, where I'm pretty sure he just turned the ball over again).

Still, I can see him transferring. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly didn't exactly mince words about his play during the season. Even if he's the starter this fall, which it appears he would be, he may have to have a spectacular season to keep from getting the hook at any given time.

I guess South Carolina makes more sense because they have a younger QB stepping in to the starting role. The upside for UGA is that there is a new offensive coordinator, and less guess work about what our offense will be like, considering our RB situation.

Though after playing for Kelly, I'd have to say playing for Richt over Spurrier would be a nice change, too.

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