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September 2, 2014

A note about the irrelevant: Dawgs up to 6th in the AP; 8th in Coaches'

Georgia grabbed two first place votes to move up six spots in the AP poll. They garnered one first place vote to move to 8th in the USA Today Coaches' poll.

Remember, all polls are for show now as the great and powerful Oz holds the teams' post-seasons in their hands.

SEC Power Poll Week One: Dawgs on Top


1. Georgia Bulldogs, 147 points (6 first-place votes)
2. Auburn Tigers, 135 (2)
3. Texas A&M Aggies, 132 (1)
4. Alabama Crimson Tide, 131 (2)
5. LSU Tigers, 115
6. Ole Miss Rebels, 87
7. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 78
8. South Carolina Gamecocks, 74
9. Missouri Tigers, 70
10. Florida Gators, 62
11. Tennessee Volunteers, 57
12. Kentucky Wildcats, 29
13. Arkansas Razorbacks, 27
14. Vanderbilt Commodores, 11

My ballot is here.  Vandy is your only consensus pick. It isn't hard to see the clear breaks between 5 and 6 or 11 and 12. Also, I don't think you can say anything other than numbers 1-4 are pretty much tied.

Heisman and NC odds: Gurley and Georgia trending up

Newly released from Bovada:

Odds to win the 2014-2015 College Football FBS Championship (Teams in red have longer odds, teams in blue have shorter odds, and teams in black stayed the same)         
Odds on 8/27/14           Current Odds   
Florida State                             4/1                                9/2
Alabama                                   5/1                                7/1
Oregon                                     15/2                              8/1
Oklahoma                                 10/1                              9/1
Auburn                                      10/1                              10/1
Georgia                                    16/1                              12/1
UCLA                                        14/1                              14/1
LSU                                         22/1                              16/1
Ohio State                                20/1                              18/1
Texas A&M                               75/1                              18/1

Let's not get too worked up over this. All this means is money is moving off the top three to some of those other team, most notably Texas A&M.

NCAA 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the Heisman Trophy (Players in red have longer odds, players in blue have shorter odds, and players in black stayed the same)        
Odds on 8/2714            Current Odds   
Jameis Winston (QB Florida State)                     9/2                    11/2
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)                              5/1                    11/2
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia)                                  14/1                  7/1
Melvin Gordon (RB Wisconsin)                           12/1                  10/1
Brett Hundley (QB UCLA)                                   10/1                  12/1
Bryce Petty (QB Baylor)                                     12/1                  12/1
Nick Marshall (QB Auburn)                                 12/1                  14/1
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama)                                  20/1                  16/1
Kenny Hill (QB Texas A&M)                                Off the Board    16/1

I'm surprised Kenny Hill didn't go higher. Also, note that only one running back has won the Heisman in the past ten years. It's been the era of the QB for some time now.

Pick'em week one

Nice job by big dawg 26 to get the outright win. Also, our old friend Richt Flair is in the hunt. I missed spectacularly on Miami and South Carolina, so I'm paying the price of mediocrity.

All Saturday games this week, y'all. Also, we've got some regional/national games as the SEC slate is pretty craptastic.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1big dawg 26Adj12-2102  24-35  
2LenoxDawgAdj12-2100  31-38**
2MelJ_GoDawgsAdj12-2100  17-21  
4phil1013Adj11-399  16-35  
5opsomathAdj11-398  21-44**
5DinDawg FanAdj11-398  21-38  
5DawgGoneDawgAdj13-198  17-31  
5groodawgAdj11-398  17-27  
9adamdawg90Adj12-297  21-34**
9Richt FlairAdj11-397  24-27  
9MassDawgAdj12-297  17-27  

UGA vs. Clemson: Photo of the Game

Aaron Davis with the pass defense to get the interception.
(Photo courtesy of Jim Hipple)

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week One

The full poll will be released later today at Team Speed Kills. I'll post and link it when it is out.
  1. Alabama: An impressive win over an improved West Virginia. Considering they have a new QB, secondary, and LBs. Given they had to over come Kiffining from within, the Tide looked pretty good.
  2. Georgia: Gurley is a beast, but Georgia's defense isn't being given enough credit for their performance. If the secondary continues to improve, the story of this season could be more about defense than Gurley.
  3. Texas A&M: Hidden by all those points they scored against South Carolina is all those yards they gave up to an offense that looked out of sorts for half the game.
  4. Auburn: Auburn looks to be back where they were mid-season last year. The only downside is they were a couple of breaks going against them from being Texas A&M with a less sexy coach last year.
  5. LSU: I want to say LSU got lucky, but we are talking Les Miles, so it might be better to say luck got Les Milesy.
  6. Ole Miss: Rebel Bears as the Bad News Bears. Please make it happen, Hollywood. 
  7. Mississippi State: Nothing to see here but an out talented C-USA team getting run off the field.
  8. Missouri: I think the Tigers offense will be ok with Mauk. The question mark will be their defense.
  9. South Carolina: Possibly the best 0-1 team in the state of South Carolina.
  10. Tennessee: I'm willing to concede the Vols are better, but they are still only going to go as far as Justin Worley goes in finding Pig Howard six plus times a game. 
  11. Florida: Scoreless in 2014.
  12. Arkansas: They lost, but looked much more like the teams Bielema had at Wisconsin. Now, if they had the speed....
  13. Kentucky: Before we get too excited about them, let's remember this looked a lot like their game against Alabama State last season.
  14. Vandy: I was tempted to rank them lower.
What are your thoughts?

September 1, 2014

UGA vs. Clemson: Defense Photos

All photos courtesy of Jim Hipple.

Not exactly a smile, but certainly some excitement from Pruitt

UGA vs. Clemson: Offense Photos

All pictures are courtesy of Jim Hipple. I included special teams in here, as one Gurley picture is the kickoff return, and Wynn's only touch was a punt return.

Gurley and Herrera named SEC players of the week

Gurely is co-offensive player of the week with Texas A&M's Kenny Hill. Herrera is the defensive player of the week. Herrera talled 12 tackles, 2 sacks, and 3.5 tackles for loss.


See also:
- Gurley Named Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week

Grantham Face for tonight

Watching UGA hold Clemson to Vanderbilt and Kent State levels of total offense, tonight will be fun.

Agent Muschamp fail

The three suspended Florida players have served their one game play suspension.

So is Eastern Michigan that tough?

Morgan State 28

(0-1, 0-1 away)

E Michigan 31

(1-0, 1-0 home)

There is a Mark Richt has lost control of Will Muschamp snark here, right?


I count 45 players got into the game Saturday.

Remember when we only had 22 more players than that on scholarship?


August 31, 2014

Sunday morning comes: Clemson

First off, you have to give credit where credit is due. At halftime, I was scratching my head wondering what in the world Mike Bobo was doing. It was clear he knew what he was doing and had a plan along to just tear Clemson's defensive line up in the second half. Our offensive line got stronger as the game went on. The line was absolute monsters on that toss sweep were we had two or three guys pulling. David Andrews coming down the sideline on that touchdown was just nuts.

Defensively we went all in on putting pressure on the quarterback, especially once we got the lead. Jeremy Pruitt is not fancy. He doesn't care if you know what's coming; he is still playing his game and making you figure out how to beat it. In short he's everything Todd Grantham isn't as scheme coach. Clearly, he's everything Todd Grantham wasn't as a teaching coach. Guys looked prepared,  they were almost always in a position to make a play, even when they didn't, and had confidence they could plays.

A few thoughts: 
* Todd. Gurley.
* I still can't get over David Andrews being down field, lead blocking at the 5 yard line, after 40 yards. Just awesome.
* Hudson Mason and his receivers were not on the same page at times. That's a nit pick, and it worked out fine, but there may come a point where we need him to soften up the front or move us quickly.
* Conversely, we have a lot of really good young offensive players. And not just the running backs.
* I loved seeing some of that spread and read option stuff. Don't be surprised to see more of it.
* Our special teams are special again. This time in the good way.
* Ramik may not have been listed as the starter on the depth chart, but he was out there on the first defensive play. He still has some work to do in pass protection, but he was with receiver on that great touchdown pass by Watson. That is an improvement over last year.
* I don't know about you, but I sure liked to see us going for it on 4th down inside three minutes to go.
* It was fun to see Floyd in beast mode.
* Props to Aaron Davis with that great interception. Perfect read.
* I loved our substitution on offense and defense. I'm not sure if it was a Georgia record for participation, but it seemed like every time I looked up there was a new face in at a position somewhere.
* Happy preseason conditioning talk was not just happy talk.

A quick note about the pipped in music. I'm on the record as not a fan, but I have to admit there were times it got the fans jazz up when we wouldn't have been in the past. It helps to have the running game we do, but even in the first half, when I thought the crowd was going to get out of it, the music pumped the crowd up.

With all the positives, I'm sure there's some stuff I missed. What are your thoughts?

3 Questions Answered: Clemson

  1. How does our offensive line match up with their defensive line? Well, it was a tale of two halves. In the first, it was a stalemate. The Tigers got good push on pass plays, they were disruptive in the middle, and generally did well in bottling up all runners not named Gurley. In the second half, especially on toss sweeps, we utterly crushed their Dline.
  2. Has Bobo found the secret to getting Mason to being the QB he can be? Do we really need a QB?
  3. How much does the Pruitt factor mean? Who is Todd Grantham? Seriously, the adjustments we made at half were spectacular. As their Oline got tired, we increased the pressure. 
I'll have more later, I'm off to Lake Sinclair for family reunion stuff.

Depressive Tyler is dead

About that whole dominating the line of scrimmage thing....
Clemson Drive Summaries
15:00104:14CLEM 301270Touchdown
09:04101:15CLEM 1038Punt
06:36100:39CLEM 1633Punt
03:16101:34CLEM 93-4Punt
00:35101:43CLEM 22678Touchdown
11:51204:23CLEM 321068Touchdown
07:15201:29CLEM 25518Interception
04:10203:22CLEM 181365Missed FG
11:27301:54CLEM 2338Punt
06:31301:20CLEM 635Punt
03:17301:04CLEM 2037Punt
00:16302:20CLEM 8419Punt
10:26401:21CLEM 173-3Punt
08:53401:09CLEM 193-6Punt
07:34402:10CLEM 253-15Punt

If you are keeping score at home, that is 15 total yards offense in the second half for Clemson. I'll have more later, but this is the first time in many years that I've left our first game of the season actually optimistic about our team. We've got stuff to work on, but as long as our offensive line plays like they did tonight, we'll be fine.
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