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July 17, 2018

2018 Projected Football Kickoff Times

This is my best guess for kickoff times this season. 

Times and networks in bold are confirmed.
9/1/17Austin Peay3:30 pmESPN Tickets
9/8/17at South Carolina3:30 pmCBS Tickets
9/15/17MTSU7:15pmESPN2 Tickets
9/22/17at Missouri7:00 pm ESPN  Tickets
9/29/17Tennessee7:00 pm ESPN Tickets
10/6/17VandyNoon ESPN Tickets
10/13/17at LSU3:30 pmCBS Tickets
10/27/17Florida3:30 pmCBS Tickets
11/3/17at KentuckyNoonESPN Tickets
11/10/17Auburn3:30 pmCBS Tickets
11/17/17UMass3:30 pmSECN  Tickets
11/24/17Tech7:30SECN  Tickets

A couple of interesting things...
  • CBS is going back to two doubleheader weekends, after doing three last year: 
    • Nov 3 - 3:30/8pm
    • Nov 10 - Noon/3:30pm
  • The doubleheader weekends don't make me think things change much for our schedule:
    • Nov 3 -  It takes a possible night match up off the table, as the only other SEC game that evening will be an SECNetwork stinker (I'm liking LaTech vs Mississippi State for that) to go against the 8pm game. We could end up as a 3pm SEC Network game if Kentucky (or both Kentucky and UGA) are bad.
    • Nov 10 - Looking at that weekend, I still think Georgia at Auburn will be the top match-up. Unless something goes way off the rails, this is the closest thing to a lock I can predict for that late in the season.
  • UMass could be played in the noon, 3:30 or late slot. I have no idea. 
  • The thing about putting Tech at night is dependent on them either being pretty good or Johnson fighting for his job. If he's done or looking done, I'd lean that game earlier.  There are only four SEC games for inventory that weekend, so after Auburn at Bama is off the table for the CBS game, those other three games are SEC Network games. 
Your mileage may vary, though.


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