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October 29, 2013

Basketball Coaching Carousel

CBS has a little pre-season fun with a list of college basketball programs that might be in the market for new coaches come April. Two SEC programs appear on the list, Auburn and Georgia:
AuburnCurrent coach: Tony Barbee
Replacement: Bruce Pearl
Skinny: This could be a make or break year for Barbee. He's gone just 35-59 in three seasons at Auburn – and Pearl's show-cause penalty from the NCAA ends soon. In Pearl's 19 seasons as a college head coach, he never had a losing season – including six straight NCAA tournament appearances with Tennessee. He could jump at the opportunity.
GeorgiaCurrent coach: Mark Fox
Replacement: Ben Howland
Skinny: This one could be interesting. Fox reached the NCAA tournament back in 2011, but is now coming off back-to-back 15-17 campaigns with the Bulldogs. They're not supposed to do much this season, either. Would Howland be a good fit in Athens? He recruited Georgia well while he was at UCLA and could be looking to get back in the mix.
I'm a little upset they didn't think Pearl would work here. And Howland definitely recruited Georgia well, but he flat out screwed up his home base recruiting.  Still, I'd be ecstatic over that kind of hire, if it came down to that.


Justin Hall said...

I think Pearl would love to work in Athens. But I don't think the administration would want someone who has ethics issues to come in. We've had that before and left what we had of a program in shambles.

I also don't know that he'd fit in personality wise. He'd be a perfect fit for Auburn's "All In" menatality of winning at all costs.

TylerDawgden said...

Can't disagree with your assessment on the baggage he brings.

Mr. Sanchez said...

I'd say the same as Justin. Pearl won't happen due to prior NCAA issues, and the administration unlikely to go back down that road after being burned by Harrick. Howland does make some good sense. Successful, still young, and he was smart enough to add Korey McCray to his staff.

TylerDawgden said...

But do we really want to get in bed with AAU programs that way?

JBC said...

Where is the petition to sign? I'm all in on Howland

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