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September 15, 2005

Blog Poll Round Table 7: The Media

This week we find ourselves with Round Table 7, this week hosted by "Eagle in Atlanta" (the world's most famous BC alum attending UGA grad school living in the Atlanta area who runs a blog). The questions:

1. What member of the mainstream sports media (preferably one who covers college sports) makes your skin crawl, blood boil, forces you to change the channel or hit mute? Why?

2. What writer, broadcaster, show, website etc. deserves more recognition? Who is someone we should all be reading, watching or listening to?

Let's get started.

#1. College sports media person who makes my skin crawl?
Billy Friggin Packer. He is just King Douche Sickle of college sports.

Outside of college sports, Tim McCarver makes me want to piss blood when I hear his voice. Thank you Deion Sanders for the bucket of ice water. Bush league move, but necessary.

#2 Who should we all be reading.
There are few days that go by that I don't check out EveryDayShouldBeSaturday. I also read Straight Bangin to get his weekend recaps. My only problem is that I'm either too white or too old to get many of his hip hop references. I blame myself for tuning into AM Sports Talk too soon in life.

[Photo: The new logo for EverydayShouldBeSaturday designed by Voluminous].

In the main stream print media, I read pretty much everything Tony Barnhardt writes. His book Southern Fried Football is my favorite all-time college football book. Sorry Warren, but yours is #2 on the list. Although in fairness to Warren, Tony's book is really just a coffee table book. It's not a "book book" like RJYH.

Two TV guys I really enjoy are Kornheiser and Wilbon. PTI is heaven for the ADD sports fan.

There are other categories of blogger that I'd like to add to this roundtable.

Guys who should post more often.
imarealist - This guy almost always has great takes, and he gives HeismanPundit an earful regularly. That's a good combo.

Bloggers who I should read more often:
Journalism is for Rockstars and Gunslingers


Kyle King said...

Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff - Someday Billy Packer will be set on fire by the flames coming out of his butt.

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