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September 4, 2005

MASHED TATERS! UGA vs. Boise State Recap

Well folks, that is what happens when teams with smaller, slower, and generally well coached players run into faster, bigger, and much better coached teams. Georgia completely dismantled Boise State 48-13 in Athens.

Most of the offseason, many in the media and blog community labeled Boise's offense as "too high powered" for UGA. How would the Bulldogs manage to hang with the 45+ points per game high flying attack of the Mustangs?

The answer? By playing conservative on defense, stopping the run and not falling for the play action. All the while, exposing the complete lunacy of the Bronco defense to the world.

[Photo: Imagine how bad it would have been if Hawkins wasn't a master motivator? The well read guru should consider the book above before taking on another elite BCS team.]

The Broncos managed just 13 points and 292 yards of total offense. It should be noted that 135 of those yards and all 13 of those points came after UGA was already up 38-0 and had begun to substitute liberally on defense.

[Photo: Tra Battle and the UGA defense opened a 10 lb bag of whoop ass. Photo from]

Most people want to focus on Boise's six first half turnovers. The source for those wasn't just pure giveaways. On the first two INTs, UGA was dropping guys into coverage that Zabransky never saw. They watched him and cut off the throwing lane to make plays. That's executing on a scheme. Not blind luck.

I believe the 2nd two INTs were caused by a rib cage or some other type of injury b/c Jabransky seemed to be holding/favoring his ribs on the sideline for much of the night (my seats are directly behind the Boise Bench). I think he couldn't throw it with a full follow thru. Thus the sailing passes. As for the fumbles, he did what many QBs do when hit by Greg Blue with a kill shot. He coughed it up. The final fumble was just being rattled.

[Photo: Jared from Subway or Jared from Boise? Neither could beat the Dawgs.]

Personally, I think everyone should be focusing less on Boise's offense, and more on UGA's offense, Shockley and our scheme to beat these guys. We completely exposed their defense for the joke that it is with talent AND scheme. They stuff 9 men in the box and force the WRs to beat you. The problem in that "logic"....Boise simply doesn't have the speed to hang with an Elite BCS conference team on the edge. Competent WRs and TEs will burn them alive. Which we did.

For instance, Martrez Milner, our backup Tight End, outran the entire Boise State defensive secondary and linebacking corps three times for over 100 yards. When your DBs can't keep up with a BCS team's backup Tight Ends, the talent gap isn't just large. It's a quantum leap.

Overall, it was a satisfying win and the magnitude of the score was unexpected by me. I felt confident that we would hold their offense to under 21 points. I just didn't know if Field Goal Richt would coach this game to a 27-20 type score, or if Touchdown Richt would be calling the plays. Luckily TD Richt showed up and it was a blast to watch.

It will also be nice to see so many bloggers who pumped the Boise "scheme" eating a big shit burger this week. (similar to the one I'll be eating later about the GT vs. AU game when I get to that shortly)

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