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September 14, 2005

my Blog Poll Top 25 Ballot -- Week 3

Previous Week's Ranking in parenthesis.

1. Southern Cal (1) - They still look best.

2. Texas (2) - Who's playing better?

3. Louisiana State (7) - With 2 weeks of screwed up practice to still performe that well on the road is impressive. Yes, the DBs need work.

4. Tennessee (5) - Are they legit? Or will Urban Rockne Meyer expose them?

5. Georgia (6) - 3 weeks of get well games before the trip to knoxville.

6. Florida (12) - Meyer finds out what SEC ball is all about. Sadly, I think he wins.

7. Virginia Tech (10) - Still trying to figure out where to rank them.

8. Ohio State (9) - Texas is a good team. OSU played them even. The QB situation needs to get figured out quickly.

9. Louisville (8)

10. Iowa (3) - Anyone can look like hell if they lose their QB. If Tate is back, this team can still win 9 or 10 games.

11. Purdue (11) - We'll know more shortly.

12. Notre Dame (23) - Pitt was awful and Michigan was overrated big time. Right now, I'd take Purdue on a neutral field over them. Thus the higher ranking.

13. Miami, Florida (14) - They are listed over FSU despite the head to head loss because this is a week to week poll. If they played again, Miami probably wins.

14. Florida State (13) - They'll beat BC win defense. But what will that prove?

15. Michigan (4) - They need to go back to the drawing board. Talk about wasting talent.

16. Texas Tech (17) - ?

17. Virginia (16) - ?

18. Georgia Tech (21) - Improving, but if they lost to Uconn it would surprise no one.

19. Boston College (18) - Beat FSU and I'll be quasi impressed.

20. Oregon (19) - Upset watch vs. Fresno State this week.

21. Auburn (22) - Tuberville's ears are so large, he can hear my heart beating over the internet.

22. Alabama (unranked) - They can usually stop the run and run the ball. Spurrier can't run it a lick and he can't stop the run. I like Shula's kids in this one.

23. Arizona State (20) - They played a Top 5 team to within 2 or 3 plays. I can't ding them much for that performance. (That said, fire the Special Teams guy asap)

24. Colorado (24) - Still hanging around. I like them more than Cal

25. Clemson (25) - Bowden vs. a solid running team like Colorado on a neutral field? I'd take The Buffs. Ths this ranking.

Last 3 receiving votes:
Oklahoma - This team is looking at 4 losses after all.
Cal - Keeping my eye on them.
Minnesota - I'll see them in person in 3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

It's a marathon not a race. To me, the polls become more accurate as the season goes on and you can learn what sort of team a program REALLY has.

Iowa is one of the 3 best coached teams in America each year. If they keep looking bad, I'll keep adjusting them.

Anonymous said...

ok, technically a marathon is a race. I meant it's not a sprint

Worrier said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one referring to "Urb" in Rockne terms.

Even if they beat my Vols, that shouldn't (but probably will in the national media's eyes) confirm he is Rockne re-incarnate. Folks need to remember that anti-Rockne Ron Zook beat the Vols in his 1st encounter, in Knoxville nonetheless.

Wes Wolfe said...

Yeah, I'm sure Tubby can hear your heart beating, but it's his cheatin' heart that that makes him weep. Like Frantastic at A&M, you can't respect a guy that tells his players he's staying and then leaves without a word. I'm a liberal, but I believe in rock-hard, conservative, character/morals-driven college football coaches. When the Bear left Kentucky for A&M when he thought he wouldn't, he at least manned up and told his players. Tubby may put together another good season or two, but the Tigers will be third in the SEC West this year, and the private plane is warming up its engines. Terry Bowden got run out of town, too, and at least he was a better guy.

**Total disclosure: Bama also ran a good guy, Bill Curry, out of town and that was a shame. But "the good people of Alabama" are giving Shula his time, and it looks like the time is this year, thank God. 'Cause he's a good guy and a good recruiter, just like Curry. Except as a member of the family, he's getting some extra time.

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