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October 4, 2005

Kick Ass Football Moment -- Bama's Rammer Jammer vs. the Gators

There are cool college football moments that have to be acknowledged. Moments that transcend your team affiliation and must be recognized.

Bama's Rammer Jammer cheer at the end of the Gator game was one of those moments. Bama's cheer is...

"Hey Gators, Hey Gators, Hey Gators, We just beat the Hell out of you. Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer, give 'em Hell Alabama."

Rather than explain it, Warren St. John of RJYH posted a link to the video/audio from the game. It's good stuff.

Not that anyone asked, but the other kickass moments I've seen that demand respect are:

1. Auburn's eagle circling the stadium pre-kickoff as the crowd roars "Warrrrrrrr Eagle!"

2. The first 4 notes of "Hold That Tiger" played pre-game by LSU's band in Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night.

3. Georgia's Dawg Walk and Auburn's Tiger Walk. (tie)

Oh...and while I'm in full Bama lovefest over here.

How about Bama's Brodie Croyle on the Cover of SportsIllustrated this week. Also, check out BoiFromTroy's new Brodie For Heisman Site. The site is the result of USC fan (Boi) losing a bet with a Bama fan (Warren) on the outcome of the Bama vs. UF game.


Wes Wolfe said...

One reason I love being a Bama fan: at the first Bama-Auburn game in B'ham, the damn eagle flew to midfield and DIED! Hahahahahahaha! Dammit, that's funny. Also funny is the joke of my newsroom (as in, no one wants to tell him he's being forced out in the "Office Space" tradition) who went to Auburn in the '50s. When asked when Auburn was on probation, he said, "When weren't we on probation?"

abacadae said...

"3. Georgia's Dawg Walk and Auburn's Tiger Walk. (tie)"

Tie goes to the original. Advantage Auburn. If you're going to add something about Athens I would go with the unique sensation of standing on the bridge before the game. It's like a weird halfway point between tailgating and the game.

Unknown said...

It's actually not the the original.

UGA became doing what is now the DawgWalk on the other end of the stadium starting in the 1960s. It didn't have a name, but the function was the same. The team came in the stadium along the old railroad tracks. For bigger games more people were there to meet them. There were several thousand there for most games and more for bigger ones like the 1976 Bama game.

All of that pre-dates the Tiger Walk.

In 1981, that end of the stadium was closed and the "Railroad Track People" who camped out for free seats on the tracks were gone. And so was the walk into the stadium.

In the early 90s, Ray Goff brought the event back again without a name. The event was located where the current Dawg Walk is.

When Richt asked what traditions should be brought back out of mothballs, Erk Russell told him about the Dawg Walk. And Rodney Garner then modeled the structure of it after Auburn's Tiger Walk.

It's a UGA tradition that pre-dates the Tiger Walk. HOWEVER, it was made dramatically better by following the Auburn way of doing it.

They took our hedges and fight song. We took an idea of theirs and added to an existing one. Both Tiger Walk and Dawg Walk are originals.

Worrier said...

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer - the thought of hearing that at the end of the Vols/Bama gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.

Vol Walk, as I'm sure the Dawg Walk and Tiger Walk, while we copied it, is very cool. Especially for my 8-year old son who gets to slap hands with these huge guys.

abacadae said...

Well, the dates that both started are round numbers, from Auburn's website: "Tiger Walk - An Auburn tradition which began in the early 1960s when Auburn players would walk from Sewell Hall (the athletic dorm) to the football stadium and fans would line Donahue Drive to wish them well.

So I guess we can agree that it's something that happened naturally at both schools. But it's remained a tradition at Auburn since it's inception and has also become a prominent event at road games over the last twenty years. So I'm giving it to Auburn.

No denying we stole the hedges. As for the fight song. It's to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic so I don't really think Georgia can claim that and just to clarify it's not our fight song.

82 said...

The Vol Walk is on a pretty grand scale to these others. But the coolest I have ever seen (and I've been to them all including the old Ga Walk) is the Ole Miss one where they walk through the Grove on the way to the stadium.

abacadae said...

My problem with the walk through the Grove is that it's too long. It's exciting and packed through the Grove, but then there's a half a mile to the stadium. Last year I actually walked in between two players to get to the other side of the "walk" on my way to Tiger Walk. There's no way you ever cross through the middle of Tiger or DawgWalk.

One I would add is the surreal frenzy of the LSU Marching Band coming down to Death Valley at night. I was there before the end of the season Auburn/LSU game in 2001 (winner went to the SECCG). I felt like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade when he's staring out the Hitler book burning rally that he refers to as the Lion's Den.

Unknown said...

Rammer Jammer provides a hell of a rush. I took someone from Alaska who'd never been to a college football game to an Alabama game several years ago. When Rammer Jammer kicked up, she was in awe and both the volume and passion of it.

Unknown said...

The look on Urban Meyer's face is friggin' priceless. You KNOW he's never experienced a crowd like that and it shows.

Todd Jones said...

i just watched again (and again) and never noticed vern getting down on dj hall for the throat slashing gesture after doing the gator chomp. i hate vern lundequist.

Carla Jean said...

That video nearly brings me to tears. It is BEAUTIFUL.


Anonymous said...

Oh, lord, just thinking about all those people chanting "Rammer Jammer" makes me want to cry like I do when they show the clip montage of championships and such over the years before each home game. Roll Tide!!! Nice win today, Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Being a graduate of the University of Minnesota, I can honestly say there is nothing like SEC football. The Big Ten doesn't hold a candle to the SEC West. What I love the most about this video is the petulent, almost whiney comment that the network commentator made about DJ Hall. Someone should help that prick get his sundress down from over his head.

Anonymous said...

Heh, revenge will be sweet and all of you Dawg and Tide fans will get your's in just a few short weeks..

By the way.. If you applauded the "throat slash" gesture you have some serious issues to deal with. There's a reason crap like that is monitored and penalties assessed if it's done. If you like it then like when your entire team and organization is labelled as a group of thugs, as in low-life scum, etc.

I don't think any SEC school really wants to have that image. The SEC is better than that. So cheer for the throat slash if you want your SEC school to be compared to those idiots at the university of Miami or the Seminoles. I think all the SEC schools are better than those two programs, personally.

By the way, one of the best moments in college football? When UF went into Sanford stadium when the Gator Bowl was being rennovated before the Jag's started playing there, and Spurrier found out no one had ever scored more than 50 points on UGA at home and promptly did so before pulling out his first team players.

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