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November 2, 2005

Blog Poll Ballot -- Week 10

Here's my ballot for Week 10. My Week 9 can be found here. If you want to see the poll evolve tomorrow click here.

Week 10
1. Southern Cal

2. Texas

3. Virginia Tech - I see them going 12-0, being locked out of the title game and losing their bowl.

4. UCLA - I moved them over Bama b/c Bama needs to prove that it can score more points. I think if Bama and UCLA played that Bama would hold UCLA to about 23 points, but Bama would score less than that.

5. Alabama - See above

6. Louisiana State - Until Miles screws it up?

7. Miami (Florida) - Uncertain why they are here, but more uncertain why AP pollsters have them over UCLA.

8. Penn State - Their season is this Saturday vs. Wisconsin at home.

9. Georgia - How could the mainstream pollsters push the Dawgs out of the Top 10 for losing a team without the player who should be there for the rest of the season? It makese zero sense. I was tempted to put them 8th.

10. Notre Dame - 2 wins over ranked teams and you wonder why I'm not moving them up?

11. Wisconsin - I know their schedule has been cupcake city. I know the Big 10 is down, but shouldn't 1 loss teams get more respect than 14th from nain stream pollsters?

12. Ohio State - For now.

13. Oregon - They'll move up for beating a Cal team that I wouldn't let near the Top 25.

14. Florida State - Biding its time til the Gators in the Swamp.

15. West Virginia - Bad TV contracts, weak conference schedule and Crystal Meth lunatics running wild on campus. They are really going to struggle to move up. Talk about wallowing in obscurity.

16. Florida - I didn't punish UGA severely for losing by 4 points without their starting QB. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to reward Florida for beating a team that they would have likely lost to if the UGA QB had started. They might be the 2nd best 2 loss team in the country, but at this point that only gets you to around 14-16th.

17. Texas Tech - I'm hoping to see OU pistol whip the guns up crew.

18. Auburn - We find out how big a boy these guys are in 2 weeks at night Between the Hedges.

19. Louisville - How could they have only played 3 conference games at this point?

20. Colorado - Slowly moving up.

21. Boston College - Well, the beatings started.

22. TCU - As OU puts its life back together, this looks like a better and better team.

23. Georgia Tech - Gailey gets Wake for bowl eligibility, but he'll have to beat UVA the following week to stay out of Boise.

24. Fresno State - why not?

25. Michigan - what a freakshow these guys are.

Dropped Out:
Northwestern, Minnesota, Missouri

Georgia Tech, Fresno State and Michigan


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