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November 8, 2005

Bowl Projections from the Pundits

Bowl projections after the first weekend in November:

Stewart Mandel at CNNSI.

Fox Sports

Ivan Maisel and Pat Forde at ESPN

After reading those projections, I have to say that I'm shocked to see so many of these pundits continue to list Alabama as the SEC Champ. Have they actually seen Bama's offense since Prothro went down? As I keep screaming at anyone who will listen..."They have scored exactly one offensive touchdown in 3 of their past 4 games."

I could see listing LSU for the top spot, but Bama? Are the experts taking the easy route of just looking at the rankings or do they think Bama's defense is just that much better than anyone in the SEC's offense?

[Photo: This Gator fan is ready for the bowling season. He'll be in Atlanta all the Peach Bowl.]

Thanks to mcgyellowjacket on the Hive for putting most of those links in one place.


Anonymous said...

These are the same guys who had Tennessee ranked 2nd or 3rd in the nation before the season. Alabama will have to win (3) games against very good teams before they're the SEC champs. They could do it but, other teams have a better shot at it, namely the DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

It brings up an interesting question, why is UGA not being picked to win the SEC? Perhaps a belief that our defense will not be able to stop Auburn and our offense is simply not that good, or at least not good enough to hang with Auburn's WCO?

abacadae said...

I wouldn't be the list bit surprised if they pick teams based on what will generate the least amount of hate mail.

Anonymous said...

Although WVA-UGA would not be my first choice, I'd take that over UGA-Wisconsin. Feels like we play them or Purde EVERY year!

Heck, give me Penn St, Ohio St, FSU, anybody else other than Wisconsin!!!

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