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December 15, 2005

Kyle King Evaluates Mark Richt's First 5 Years

First Kyle puts together a quantitative comparison between Richt and all other UGA coach's first five years.

Then he puts together a very funny qualitative look at Richt. This version poses the theory that the Devil and God placed a bet with Richt at the center. A bet the Lord has since won.

Good stuff.


Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

At first I was surprised to see Her Blondeness Jill Arrington standing there interviewing CMR, but then I realized it was a picture from the '02 championship, not '05. I will never be able to think of Arrington without thinking back to her postgame interview with CMR from the '02 Georgia-South Carolina game in which she referred to David Pollack as "David Polock," as in an individual who hails from Poland. At least an 85 on the Unintentional Comedy Meter.

Anonymous said...

seems like he's missing 2 games against Clemson from the mid 90s.

Unknown said...

No, he didn't miss the CLemson game. He was looking at how the coach's did in their first 5 years. When we played Clemson in 94 and 95, that was Ray Goff's 6th and 7th years. He started in '89.

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