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January 17, 2006

Around the Blogosphere and Otherwise

Mayor Kyle hits a towering home run with his ESPN Gameday Drinking Game. In it he pays homage to the legendary Brent Musburger drinking game. A while back, I had tried to develop a Bob Davie drinking game, but I was unaware of the Musburger game. Frankly, I was out of my league in developing my version.

[Rule No. 17: Lee Corso. If Lee Corso predicts that your team will win its next football game, you must finish your drink, pour yourself another drink, finish that drink, and let The Runt punch you in the arm nine times. If Lee Corso says something that makes sense to you, stop drinking immediately and never drink again. Photo from]

A variety of articles to get you in the mood for UGA vs. UK tonight at 9:00 pm from the AJC,, Athens Banner Herald, and Lexington Paper.

[Photo: Where's the UK poster with this Judd sister on it?]

TheOnion Sports page announced that Notre Dame would be re-writing it's history. This isn't a new article, but somehow I missed it. Classic.

If you are an NBA fan or a budding Internet/e-commerce tycoon, check out Mark Cuban's blog. The controversial owner of the Dallas Mavs is all over the place. He writes articles in which he publishes stats concerning referee effectiveness, and he also write pieces on the death of newspapers.

DaveSez blows up the movie "Glory Road." I'm still going to see it. Don't worry there are no spoilers.

EverydayShouldBeSaturday offers the "Are You Marcus Vick Quiz."

[Photo: Vick lashes out. Sent to me by the guys at]

And lastly, BurnOrangeNation has Trojan Girl Yells for Horns. Good stuff. Hat tip to TennVolChamp on that one.


Unknown said...

I know it's a cheap shot, but I can't help but think of the movie TWINS when I think of the Judd sister.

And Wynonna is definitely Devito.

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