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January 11, 2006

Final Blog Poll is Out

Final Blog Poll is out. My ballot is here. No true shockers in the big poll.

Biggest thing I learned through the Blog Poll process is how hard / impossible it is for voters to see a "enough" games. It's true with any voters be they Harris, Media, Blog Poll or Coaches.

A media person with a college football vote is on location each week covering games. They need 3.5 hours for the game + 1.5 hours of post-game interviews + 1 hour of writing time (tops). That's 6.5 hours (give or take) on Saturday covering ONE game. At most, they can 2 other games with any depth on Saturday before their ballot is due.

A football coach can at most watch 3 games before his ballot is due. More on his bye week. However, he breaks down so much film during the week that he has a solid appreciation for box scores in his area. Beyond his area, his knowledge is very little.

Me...I attend games. At most, I'm watching 2 games from front to back. I can surf parts of 2-4 more unless Georgia is off. In that case, I can see a ton of football. There simply aren't enough hours in the day for the folks who are currently voting to have a solid appreciation for who is better than whom. Unless they aren't ATTENDING games.

The point is that the folks voting on "your team" don't see "your team" very often unless they are in the same region as "your team." Would a playoff solve all of this?


B/c the seedings and eligibility for the playoffs would be driven by...Polls. So we are right back to where we were earlier in the conversation.

Having said all of that the Masters Poll makes the most sense to me.

Thanks to Brian Cook of MGoBlog for putting this together.


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