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February 7, 2006

Bulldogs Managing Search for New Tech Athletic Director

Even some of my favorite, reasonable posters on The Hive have now officially stepped off the deep end. It has been revealed that the executive search firm that is handling the search for Georgia Tech's new athletic director is run by a management team consisting almost entirely of graduates from the University of Georgia.

Many Techies are beside themselves with worry, anger and paranoia. Not that the threads don't have some voices of reason. But overall it's conspiracy theory city.
"Saboteurs on the outside, and saboteurs on the inside. I'm starting to get a real queasy feeling." - helluvaparamedic

Given that we're deciding who will run their athletic programs...doesn't that shoot a gigantic hole in the "You'll work for us someday" argument. It seems like the quote should be: "We'll work for whoever you recommend that we work for someday."

So, does Don Leeburn play the role of cigarette smoking man in GT X-Files The Movie?

Techies...if it makes you feel any better. This firm landed us Michael Adams. So you've got that going for you. Which is nice.



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I never get tired of further reminders of just how much we've gotten into their heads. Good find, man.

Dan said...

I swear it's like we're a fan base of idiot savants or something.

Anonymous said...

Nerds to the left of me..
Tickle piles to the right..
Here I am, stuck in Atlanta with Tech

Anonymous said...

Not sure why they are worried, since this is the group that gave us Adams... Isn't that one of the best things thats happened to Tech?

Anonymous said...

Considering it was a group of Techies who brought them Dave Braine, Chan Gailey, probation, and six vacated years, you might think they would be willing to try something else.

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