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February 7, 2006

Get your Hate On: UT Edition

If this won't get your blood boiling for Saturday, what will?

Bruce Pearl, Tennessee Basketball Coach.

BTW -- over the weekend, Pearl was thrown out of his son's high school basketball game for arguing with officials. You stay classy Knoxville. Thanks to AthensDog for the heads up.


C. Paul said...

That jacket screams awful, but he's a good coach.

"nothing is finer than Knoxville in my rear-view mirror"

Unknown said...

granted he looks like a douche bag in orange.....b/c i hate orange....but THAT is how a Coach is paid to dress (more or less).

You wear your team's colors.

Just saying.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Not that you don't have a point, but when the color is road-crew orange, there's a right way to wear it and a wrong way to wear it. What you see above is Exhibit A of The Wrong Way.

When I went up to Knoxville for the Georgia-Tennessee game in '03, I was staying with one of my good friends from college, and I got into a conversation with his roommate's stunningly hot girlfriend -- yes, I realize saying "the hottest UT student I've ever seen in my life" is faint praise unless the 'T' is for Texas, but work with me here -- about school colors. She complained about how much better Georgia girls have it than Tennessee girls, because red and black is easy to work into a nice outfit, while Tennessee orange, eh, not so much. She and the rest of the (very small minority of) Tennessee sorority girls who made at least an effort to not look like a traffic cone did the best they could -- she, for instance, wore a regular black outfit with an orange scarf around it or something, if I remember correctly.

All I'm saying is, if she could do it, this coach can do it. Orange tie? Sure, why not. Orange shirt? Eh, you're pushing it, but plenty of guys have managed to pull that off. Orange blazer? OK, now you look like someone whose walls are white and padded. (Of course, if he's unhinged enough to get thrown out of a high-school basketball game, maybe that's closer to the mark than we think.)

Unknown said...

Dooley and Erk used to wear Red Pants on the sideline. That's hardcore. Takes balls to wear red pants. And anyone that argues to the contrary should try telling Erk that first.

Paul Hewitt usually pays respect to Cremins with a gold tie. That'll do.

The Orange Jacket is WAY over the top. But if I were looney enough to be a Vol fan, I'd love it.

For $800k-$1.5 million, a brother can wear a little red or black.

Personally, i want to see Felton in the Kiante Tripp red suit. But I doubt that' going to happen.

Anonymous said...

As long as Felton stays out of the Deas / Jones pimp suits, all is well. Although personally I'd rather see
those than a continuance of the 'Belichick-ization' of sideline attire. Honestly, you're not at home raking leaves Bill...

Anonymous said...

C'mon Pearl.

Where's the orange trousers?

Anonymous said...

89-76 and 83-78.

"How many points does a three-point field goal account for in basketball game?"- Actual test question on the final exam for the University of Georgia's Coaching Principles and Strategies of Basketball Course, taught by the coach's son....who later lost his job.

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