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February 9, 2006

Hoops: Dawgs to Have Throwback Jerseys for Vandy Game

ATHENS, Ga. -- A tribute to the career of Hugh Durham - Georgia's winningest all-time basketball coach - is just one component of a weekend filled with nostalgia when the current Bulldogs play host to Vanderbilt on Saturday, February 18.

In addition, Georgia will unveil the "Throwback" version of its uniform as part of a program initiated by the Southeastern Conference and carried out by all 12 members on the weekend of Feb. 18. The Bulldogs will wear their throwback uniforms at home against Vandy (Feb. 18), South Carolina (Feb. 23) and at Mississippi State (Feb. 25).

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Speaking of Throwback. Hugh was living large when he had Nique in the air and that bad ass Red Sports Coat on his back.

No word, if the throwback party will include bringing back the sodium lights, the stables, the stage, or the wooden seats to Stegeman. God willing that is all behind us.

Did you know that Steg hosted the NCAA Tourney's Mideast Regional in 1971? Back then the place was still revolutionary in its design. Photo below is from 1970s.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's great that Coach Durham is being honored. He definitely took us to another level that we hadn't seen in Georgia basketball.

Also, thanks for the great pic of Stegeman from the 70's. The NCAA regional that was hosted there was supposed to have been a great one with Western Kentucky and Ohio St. fighting it out.

Anonymous said...

You deserve some kind of honorarium for even attempting to cover Georgia basketball. Hell, the AJC doesn't even follow it, and they cover the career of Dianna DiGarmo and midget sprint car racing with regularity.

Anonymous said...

Okay, admitting my age a little, I was at UGA from 9/1969 through 6/1978 (two degrees with 2 year hiatus between them - I am not that much of a slacker) and not one time did I ever read about the Coliseum (it's name then, I believe) or hear about it and the word revolutionary in the same tought. At least not in a good way. Like most structures conceived as "multi-purpose" none of the intended uses can be optimized. Even the Ag/Rodeo folks found it lacking, and it might have been the worst place to go to a concert (ELP sucked, the Allmans didn't suck, but their greatness was diminished).

Still, I look forward to throwback weekend. I guess that means short shorts?

Unknown said...

Anon - I hate to disappoint the gay community, but short shorts aren't coming back for the team. (not that you're gay mind you...well...not that gay)

Orson - I don't have the stomach to watch bad hoops so I don't attend as many games as I'd like. The weeknighters are TOUGH to make in person. But I do love hoops. I attend when I can and I never miss on TV.

Unknown said...

i saw the indigo girls and outcast at Steg over the past 5 or so years.

Indigo girls were awesome. The entire crowd sang along with them. Kinda like being backed by an 6,000 person lesbian choir.

Outcast was flat out off the chain.

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