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February 22, 2006

Lawgivers, Big Dumps and Touchdown Mohammed

We take you around the Blogosphere

Kyle on Football continues to push "The Movement." The Movement is a grassroots campaign designed to get Damon Evans and UM's AD to schedule Georgia vs. Michigan in football. He's making progress with communication from both schools ADs.

The MZone proposes what Notre Dame would be like as a Middle Eastern Islamic University with Touchdown Mohammed.

Yost at the MZone also posts some thoughts on Classy Fans that he's encountered. He says that no discussion of Classy Fans should include teams from lousy programs so that leaves Arkansas off my list (even though their fans are beyond compare in the way they've treated us on my visits to Fayetteville. Personally, I have never had a bad experience in Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide.

ND Blogger "fightinamish" from House That Rock Built has begun the Great American Mascot Hunt. First stop Illinois.

And of course Orson Swindle at EDSBS has some fun with Ian "Tater Salad" Smith's "32 gauge cheek ripper" that resulted in Georgia gaining critical points in the Fulmer Cup Sweepstakes (awarded to the team with the most lawless and unruly offseason).

Lastly, Mayor Kyle has also ordained Brian Cook as The Lawgiver after publishing his guide to Blogging Ethics. It's a pretty good resource; although, my biggest area of discomfort with my own blogging ethics has been the intellectual property of photos hosted on other sites. I haven't found an area where I'm totally comfortable in that area. It's a moving target for me. I provide a great deal of courtesy if the photo is hosted by another dawg on their own server (like Groo or SeveredHead) vs. a photo hosted by or Flickr.



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