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February 15, 2006

Richt Names New Running Backs Coach

Tony Ball is the guy. Interestingly, he played at UT-Chattanooga for the late Jim Morrison (aka The Man in Black from South Carolina). He gives us great flexibility for the future in that he can coach running backs or wide receivers.

I'm trying to get more info on Ball beyond the press release.



Anonymous said...

Beyond being a true RB position coach he should also be an asset in recruiting. Apparently he covered the DC area (amongst others)for VT, which happens to be one of the out-of-state areas we now seem to be focusing on.

Anonymous said...

Great hire in my opinion...great recruiter and fantastic coach. He's also valuable because he could coach WRs or RBs. Incidentally, I didn't realize he played for the Lizard King:)

Anonymous said...

Great find, very well liked up here in DC an could possibly pull more from NorthernVA and Maryland our way.

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