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February 27, 2006

Scholarship for Herschel's Sister Pays Off Again

The Georgia Women's Track Team won its first Indoor SEC Championship over the weekend.

Georgia has never been known as an indoor track and field powerhouse. Much less in women's track. We started our women's track program for the sole purpose of signing Herschel Walker's older sister Veronica thus giving us a better shot at signing Herschel.

When you have such lofty goals as signing running backs as the fuel for your women's program (not that I object to that logic mind you), it's no wonder we've never accomplished more in that area. Sure, we've had a Gwen Torrence now and again, but nothing consistent.

Even in the men's arena, we haven't exactly blown doors. An assistant track coach at UGA once told me something like..."Internationally, we sign kids that didn't know they should've signed with Arkansas."

Congrats to the Lady Dawgs. This is the biggest thing to happen to our women's track program since Herschel Walker inked his Letter of Intent...thus ensuring that Dooley didn't shut the program back down. lol

Gwen would be proud.


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