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March 6, 2006

15 Days that Changed the SEC

Kyle's has a great look at the 15 most important days in SEC History. It's very solid.

One of his best and most insightful inclusions in the list is:
June 27, 1984---The U.S. Supreme Court hands down its decision in the case of N.C.A.A. v. Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma and Georgia Athletic Association.
This decision gave conferences and teams (Notre Dame) the ability to negotiate TV deals on their own. A ruling that changed the financial face and power structure of college football forever. Very smart inclusion.

Dooley and Switzer toppled the NCAA

I'm not sure if I would have included Herschel's first game. I think that might be the least significant of the 15 he mentioned.

Other options (in no particular order):
-- Dec. 1925 (not sure of exact date): General Robert Neyland begins the first of three separate stints as head coach of the Vols. Neyland posted 173 wins in 213 games (.812 winning percentage) with 6 SEC titles and 2 national titles. He was one of the most dominating coaches in college football history. Even The Bear feared him.

Gen. Neyland

-- Oct. 12, 1929 - A capacity crowd paid $3.00 per ticket to watch the Georgia Bulldogs beat then powerhouse Yale, 15-0, in the opening of Sanford Stadium. Governors from more than 10 states attend the game as it celebrates the first Southern school to ever host a true Northeastern powerhouse.

-- Jan. 4th, 2001 - Spurrier resigns - Known as "Black Friday" in Gainesville and "The Greatest Friggin Day Ever" in Athens.



Kyle King said...

Thanks for letting me know which ones I missed!

I have updated the list at Dawg Sports to incorporate your suggestions.

Thanks again.

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