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March 1, 2006

Another UGA Law Breaker?

The guys on the DawgRun are saying that Coach Richt got pulled over for speeding in Arcade, GA.
Headline on page 9 Jackson Herald
"Coach Mark Richt contributes to Arcade fine income"
Seems he was going 62 in a 45 and they fined him $143.
My greatest disappointment is that I wasn't the first guy to make a joke about Richt suspending himself for the G-Day game.

As Dawgnoxious told me today..."This story is much funnier if he was driving Mudcat Elmore's car."

The bigger question is whether the citation is eligible for Fulmer Cup points. Orson would have to weigh in on that.



Anonymous said...

As Dawgnoxious told me today..."This story is much funnier if he was driving Mudcat Elmore's car."

Let's pretend he did. The car is probably pretty banged up from the crash with Ellerbe. Somebody run with it.

LD said...

Arcade is the preeminent speed trap in the Southeast. Drops from 55 to 25 in about a quarter-mile. There have been lawsuits and several complaints to the state DOT about how they operate speeding citations there. The ABH had a long series about it a few months ago.

Dawgnoxious said...

Sonny Perdue needs to take a page out of Lester Maddox's playbook for dealing with Arcade and its speed traps. Lester put up a billboard on the outskirts of Ludowici to warn motorists of the notorious speed trap, then posted state patrolmen at the billboard so it couldn't be torn down.

When an official from Ludowici came to the Governor's office to protest, Maddox famously grabbed him by the arms and forced him out of the office, yelling "Get out of here you dirty skunk!" in front of a large crowd in the outer office.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes Arcade Georgia. I knew about that place before I ever drove through it. I knew to drop out of light speed wayyyy before the speed limit signs changed. I always smiled and waved at the officer of the law when I passed.
Does this mean CMR has to run stairs?

Worrier said...

While minor, should be worth something in the Fulmer Cup.

Trey said...

Back in the day, I used to drive through Arcade every day. Someone was pulled over at least 50% of the time and a cop was presiding over the speed trap at least 90% of the time. The police cars are deceptively white and black, which makes it especially tricky at twilight.

I think this only warrants Fulmer points if he was going like 80. 80 in a 45 is points worthy...62 when the speed limit should be 55 is not.

Anonymous said...

Pending--see entry on EDSBS.

Nathan said...

I picked up a 56 in a 45 in Arcade when I was in college. Honestly, the only time I have ever wanted to fight an officer of the law.

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