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March 29, 2006

Baby Name Protocol for the Bulldog Nation explores why every child should be named Herschel that was born after 1980. As an alternative, he discusses why children should be named Erk:
"As I mentioned recently, all newborn babies look like Erk Russell: chubby, wrinkled, and bald. Therefore, I suggested a compromise [to my wife]: we'd only name the boy after Erk if he looked like Erk at birth. I still couldn't sell her on the idea."
The above article follows on the heels of Mayor Kyle's hysterical look at marriage as he wanders through Warren St. John's Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Gameday Wedding Protocol, and the TV show "Mad About You."

Both funny reads.



82 said...

I just had my first born about a month ago; she was born 3/3/06. Significance you ask? Thats HW birthday too. If it was a boy his name would have been Walker.

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