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March 16, 2006

The Best Dawg

Sadly, the AJC reports that Georgia Bulldog legend Bill Hartman passed away today at age 90. Bill Hartman served UGA with honor and pride as an All-American football player, coach (including returning to grad school at age 77 to serve as a graduate assistant!), alumni association president, and GSEF chairman. He was also a successful business man and family man.

Hartman still holds the record for the longest punt in UGA history (82 yards!!). Everyone has a favorite Bill Hartman story. He is a towering figure in UGA history, and deserving of much respect.

The AJC reports former Bulldogs player Leroy Dukes visited him in the hospital earlier this week and asked Hartman what he wanted done at his funeral. "He said, 'I want the first 15 minutes to be blocking and tackling,' " said Hartman's son, WSB-TV sports anchor Bill Hartman III.

[Photo: Georgia's SEC-winning QBs paid tribute to legend Bill Hartman on his 90th birthday.]


DAve said...

Thanks for the recognition of a DGD, Dawgnoxious. I spoke to Coach's granddaugher-in-law a couple hours ago and they're doing as well as they can considering the circumstances. Prayers for the whole Hartman family. He'll be buried in his coaching jacket - as if there would be any doubt. RIP Coach.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recognition of a great Dawg. RIP Coach Hartman. However, didn't Spike Jones have an 87 yard punt?

Unknown said...

Coach Hartman was a Towering Giant not only among the UGA family, but of the entire state.

He will be missed.


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