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March 14, 2006

Felton Signs Swingman from East Hall

Kudos to Felton for signing Walter Hill in the 6'3" - 6'5" range from East Hall for the 2007 recruiting class. JYoung from broke the story. had a story on him before he committed. This is the third commitment for the 2007 recruiting class. Our biggest need remains at JUCO power forward / center type kid. Otherwise, Felton continues to recruit well.

This is the third kid from the state's Top 10 list (source: that Felton has gotten to commit for 2007. He has landed the #4, #5 and #10 kids in state. All things considered, that's not too shabby.



Anonymous said...

It's great that the Dawgs are signing good players but these players won't be here for two years. WE need help next year. I hope that we sign someone that can help us immediately next year on the inside. Hopefully a JC player that is already developed and mature, not a freshman.

Anonymous said...

A lot of fans have soured on Coach Felton a little, to some extent with justification, but I have to say that while you are sometimes critical, you are even handed about it, and this post is Exhibit "A" to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon.

I think I'm pretty critical of his offense, defense, player development and marketing. But his recruiting is tracking well ahead of schedule in many regards.

With Bliss and Johnson looking various shades of questionable for next year, I will say that Felton needs a quality JUCO big man for next year in the worse way imagineable.

If he can land the right JUCO big man, this could be a tourney team.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Correction Paul.

This is Felton's fourth commit for the 07 class, not the third. It is his third in state commitment.
First was C Jeremy Price. Then F/C Martavious Adams. Followed by G Keegan Bell from Bob Jones HS in Alabama. And now a Wing in Hill.

Anonymous said...

Walter Hill cannot sign until this year's early signing period. He is a commit and not "signed".

Jmac said...

It's a good class, but where in the world is Felton going to get these scholarships? Only Jay McAuley is a senior, which makes me wonder how he's going to cram them on the team.

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