March 7, 2006

Jim Bob Cooter to Lose Title of "Greatest Name Ever"

Lucious Pusey - #47
Eastern Illinois
Height: 5-foot-11
Weight: 200 pounds
Class Year: Fr
High School: American Heritage
Hometown: Delray Beach, FL

Hat tip to DawgChat on this one. If you think it's made up, check for confirmation on ESPN, and Yahoo Sports.

Best line from DawgChat on it:
"That's James Bond's illegitimate kid."
- The Legendary Dawg Van Damme pics.



  1. That kid's parents are either sadists on a level that would make the Marquis de Sade break out in a case of the hives, or they were determined to make young Lucious the toughest SOB in America. I'd be willing to lay odds that once he hit about the 4th grade (perhaps younger than that, depending on the wordliness and cruelness quotient of the older boys in his grade school) that young Lucious probably ended up fighting people who teased him about his handle on a daily basis.

    The possiblity that his parents are just the two most tone deaf people on the planet exists, but who over the age of about 7 cant see the downside of THAT name? I suppose that his daddy (god knows what HIS first name must have been) was inured to the potential detriments of the last name. Or, he's just a tough SOB himself after a lifetime of trading ass whuppings with hecklers, and he didnt care.

    Me, I'd be changing my name to something less controversial. Like, say, Dick Long.

  2. I was trying to come up with a joke/comment that would add even more humor to this story, and . . . I got nothing. It is simply perfect just as it is. Great find.

  3. only one problem, he also seems to go by Lucuios Seymour. Check the roster again (and I looked at the EIU Athletic Website). Sorry to be the wet blanket...

    now if his name was Seymour Pusey, well......

  4. Well if Jim Bob had to lose the title...... this is the guy to lose to

  5. Not even Sue's old man, with the scar on his cheek and his evil eye, would have named his boy Lucious Pusey (or Cooter for that matter).

    With that surname, the only first name worse than "Lucious" would have been "Sweet Sweet".

  6. I was curious to know who was right, Paul Westerdawg or Anonymous, so I went to Google and typed in "Seymour," "Lucious," and "Pusey."

    You wouldn't believe the number of dyslexic porn sites that are out there. . . .

  7. Did anyone else feel that is was appropriate that Lucious' coach is named Spoo?

    I still believe that the all time best GA sports name ever was Jiggy Smaha with Happy Dicks being a close second.

    Speaking of Cooters, a former AD at Ga. State was named Rankin Cooter and his wife was named Sandy. Think they are any relation to Jim Bob?

  8. I think who ever has time to sit on this page and right such horrible comments about a persons name is a "PATHETIC LOSER". That person should find other ways to overcome their own short commings instead of making jokes on others. It takes a strong man to overcome a name such as his. And some A%#holes such as yourself could not handle it. This man is a great player. Respect him as that. And get off of his Dick.

  9. Dude - get a life. I mean seriously.

  10. A friend told me that Georgia won a game with Happy Dicks injured and a not playing. He claims the AJC newpaper headline was:
    "Bulldogs win with Dicks out."

    I don't believe it. Anyone ever heard of this?