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March 12, 2006

(Promo Video) Stegeman Practice Facility

I haven't seen this video posted anywhere yet, but it's very, very impressive.

Now THIS is how you market your basketball program and your university's commitment to basketball. Attached is a link to a video that gives a slick virtual tour of UGA's basketball practice facility....aka the Stegeman Annex. I also tried to pull the video into my page, but I've never done that before. It may or may not work.

This catapults our hoops facilities forward and will go a long way to eliminating certain real and perceived obstacles to success for UGA hoops

The video plays a bit better in IE than Firefox. You need Windows Media Player 9 to view. Thanks to GAdawg229 on for the link. Click play to start.



Anonymous said...

The video is VERY cool, and worked fine for me on Firefox. You are clearly a master of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Great find there Paul. That was very nice. Posted it on the hoops board if ya don't mind. But that looks great. Can't wait til it gets finished. Seems like exactly the type of facility die hard fans and former coaches have been begging to get built for years.

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