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March 9, 2006

SEC Tourney Predictions

Day 1:
Game 1: South Carolina vs. Miss State
- Prediction: SC has more upside than MSU, and the Gamecocks still have NIT dreams alive. Edge: Carolina.

Game 2: Ole Miss vs. UK
- Prediction: UK by 20 points. Bloodbath.

Game 3: Auburn vs. Vandy
- Prediction: Vandy playing in their hometown will matter little. However, the 'Dores have too much firepower for Auburn.

Game 4: UGA vs. Arkansas
- Prediction: It will be closer than the game in Athens, but a loss for the Dawgs.

Gaylord Entertainment Center

Day 2:
Game 5: UT vs. South Carolina
- Prediction: Tennessee lays waste to Carolina.

Game 6: Alabama vs. Kentucky
- Prediction: Best game of Day 2. The Tide has been up and down. If the game starts going poorly for UK, the boo birds will be out in force. But I always prefer Tubby in March to Gottfried. One of the best games of the entire tourney.

Game 7: LSU vs. Vandy
- Prediction: Beatdown. LSU big.

Game 8: UF vs. Arkansas
- Prediction: Upset alert! Hawgs facilitate another early tourney exit for Donovan's lizards. Should be another great game.

Day 3: Semi-Finals
Game 9: UK vs. UT
- Prediction: The Vols are a bit yo-yoish over the past few weeks. I predict that Bruce Pearl breaks the indoor sweat record as the Vols win.

Game 10: LSU vs Arkansas
- Prediction: I really like the way that the Hawgs are playing right now, but LSU has just too much talent. A win by the Razorbacks wouldn't shock me, but I'm not expecting it.

Gators won it last year

Day 4: Finals
Game 11: UT vs LSU
- Prediction: Brady picks up his first SEC Tourney title; however, the Vols will purchase every ticket that the UK fans don't throw away. I'd rather see a UK vs. ARK final, but I don't think it will happen.



Anonymous said...

Is that Tony Cole next to Lee Humphrey in that Gaytor celebration pic?

Worrier said...

If you're right, Vol fans will be ecstatic. It's been like 100 years before the Vols have been very far in the SEC Tourney.

Hope Pearl takes some salt tablets.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with every pick you made for the SEC Tournament.

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