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March 15, 2006

Sugar Bowl Facing Challenges

The Sugar Bowl Committee has returned to work in New Orleans according to The bowl faces some serious challenges over the coming months including (from the article with my additions in italics):
Next year is the first year of the new BCS double-hosting setup that adds a fifth game, to be played a week before the championship game at the same site. This dilutes the pool for BCS teams. A MWC, WAC, MAC or CUSA team is now a mortal lock to make one of the BCS slots.

Nokia ended its relationship after 12 years. An announcement is expected within the next two months.

The Sugar Bowl's turn to stage both games comes after the 2007 season, but already issues have popped up -- like finding out that hotel space is harder to come by around the title game date of Jan. 8, 2008.

Then there is dealing with Fox, which takes over the TV contract from ABC, ending a 35-year association with the bowl.

And most daunting, the Sugar Bowl must increase its payment to the BCS by 35 percent over the current undisclosed amount, even though the new contract gives Fox some of the advertising and sponsorship revenue that formerly went to the bowl.

A year ago, Hoolahan said the bowl would be raising its average ticket price from $85 to $125. Now it might be more, although the Superdome renovation prevents a ticket manifest from being drawn up yet.
There is no bowl that is more fun for the fans involved than the Sugar Bowl. They present a product that is unlike any other. Here's hoping they get things sorted out quickly.

Bruce takes the INT to the house in NOLA



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