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March 8, 2006

This and That

Everyone is talking about the QB derby. the AP had a new story on Friday that I missed until this morning. I had forgotten that Joe T enrolled early just like Stafford did.'s Mandel mentioned the UGA QB race in his top 10 things to watch for this spring. And the Albany Herald ran a piece suggesting that Stafford was the guy for the job (article hosted by

Fulmer told that UT was better than 90% of teams that went bowling in 2005.

Fulmer's manager/valet Paul Bearer.

MGoBlog explores the Fat Bald Guy Rule. (ht to

In hoops news, Terrence Moore hints that Georgia may lose Dennis Felton before he builds an elite winner here b/c we're not good enough fans. Give. Me. A. Break.



Anonymous said...

in that artical from albany, it says we will be lucky to be a bowl team, call me crazy but i'm disagreeing big time, new years day bowl or better, we lost players, but we kept players, our linebacker corp is considered one of the best in the nation.... our defense should be fine, and on offense mo mass will catch the balls stafford will throw them, brown, lumpkin and ware will run it down opposing teams throats.... i think we have as good of a chance as anyone.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

If you'll forgive me for being way too literal for a moment, Fulmer says Tennessee was better than 90 percent of this year's bowl teams. Twenty-eight bowls means 56 bowl teams, and 90 percent of that is 50.4, which we'll round down to 50, out of deference to ol' Phil. Which means there were only six teams he thought were better than the Vols.

For the moment I'll give Phil credit for not being completely insane and assume he doesn't think Tennessee was better than Texas or USC. That leaves four teams that he would concede were better than his. Yet there are five bowl teams that kicked Tennessee's ass in the regular season (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Notre Dame), and that doesn't even take into account excellent teams like Penn State, WVU, and Ohio State. I'm curious, Phil, which of those teams would your 5-6 Vols have beaten?

Some people are saying that Big Orange Nation has been humbled by last year's disaster. I'm not buying it; I'm fully expecting them to take Fulmer's lead and be just as big a bunch of douchebags as they've always been despite getting exposed in 2005. Hope other teams remember this when they're looking for bulletin-board material this fall.

JRy said...

That Paul Bearer caption was right on. I was thinking the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

Dead worst shooting team in the SEC, Dennis Felton's recruits have taken more shots than any team in the Southeastern Conference this season, 1,680 shots and missed 954. Hard to look back on picking on us, as fans, for not supporting him more, indeed he may move on for these two very reasons. (1) It's hard to watch basketball when your team takes the most shots in the league and misses 34 shots a game, and (2) It's hard to get behind such a team with the coach who brought us these shooters, and taught them how to shoot as he does, who criticizes us then for not supporting them.

As I have said, men's basketball is a game enjoyed best when the ball goes into the hoop. Sorry about that Dennis Felton.

As for Phillip Fulmer, this marked the 3rd time in the last 6 years that Phillip Fulmer has not been ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 at all.

This in comparison with UGA being ranked 9 Consecutive Years now in the Final AP Polls, also accomplished by only one other program : FSU who has not been the same at QB since Coach Richt accepted this gig the night of December 20, 2000 at 2:30 a.m. and not disclosed to Bobby Bowden for 6 entire days by Coach Richt.

And, what of the vols losing to Intramural Vandy ?

Was Vandy one of the nation's best teams last season, like the vols ?

I get so tired of Phillip Fulmer, and am certain that his last season at the program is nearer now than ever. His spins and whining have become legendary in the history of this sport all-time.

That Albany newspaper has always been a joke, and that article was one of the worst articles I have ever bothered to read. Thanks for bringing it up so that I can add that not only did they say that Georgia would have a losing record and not make a bowl game, but that they said "Bite Bullet, write off this season, and get Matthew Stafford on the field this season for experience, instead of trying to win what we can this season."


The Bulldogs have averaged the Number 5 Average Rivals and Recruiting Rankings over the previous now 5 years' worth of recruiting that make up our Team this Season.

We have a lot of experience and depth at every position, and we are very talented, quick, and deep. In fact, Coach Richt has 2 SEC Championships in 5 years at the helm here compared to 2 SEC Championships in 14 seasons of Phillip Fulmer. This is 3 times worse for Phillip Fulmer than for Coach Richt. Isn't it ?

Indeed, as we note the Father of our Football Program, Bill Hartman Senior in the hospice on this Day, we are as strong a football program today as we have ever been in our history.

179 days before Kickoff, we have won 10 plus games a year for 4 in a row, been Top 10 all 4 years, and as I am forced repeatedly to have to say once again to Albany newspapers, Top 5 Average Recruiting Class for 5 Solid Years in a Row now today, all 5 on both and Rivals WebPages for you to average yourself as 5.8

How this then is a year to write off and play a QB I am certain will be redshirted now, is beyond me personally.

I responded about who I am on that blog Paul WesterDawg.

And, here is what I have to say about Bill Hartman Senior this morning too :

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