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April 13, 2006

ABC to Cancel "Commander in Chief"

Finally. I honestly thought this show should have been cancelled after the first commercial break. The idea of Geena Davis as the first female president is so far beyond ridiculous that is makes me want to validate the "pro-Hillary Agenda" conspiracy theories.

Drudge has the story.

Making her wear glasses to look smarter is about as useless as making Rocky Balboa wear glasses in Tango & Cash

Now, Glenn Close or Stockard Channing or Meryl Streep, those chicks could play president. But Geena Davis? I mean get serious. Hell, Marisa Tomei would've made more sense.

Paul Westerdawg
Keeper of The West Wing Flame

(I gave ya a Herschel story this morning. I'm entitled a self-indulgent non-dawg reference)


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were a West Wing fan.
--Iron Chef Turducken

C. Paul said...

Bartlett for America!!

Anonymous said...

Commander and Chief is a great show. Its writing was crisp, the acting was incredible, and the stories were compelling

Jmac said...

The West Wing is far and away the superior show.

Still, what in the hell happened to this particular show? Last fall it was all the rage, and now it's getting canceled? I thought it was terrible, so, all the better ... but still.

Have we seen a faster fall from grace? Maybe Kobe Bryant? Or that WWE wrestler John Cena (folks boo that dude something fierce now)?

Anonymous said...

Dear Iron Chef Turducken,

Me and RoyOrbisonDawg are both HUGE, HUGE fans. There are more DVR episodes of West Wing than anything else on our box. Last night I was re=watching "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" again.

As for Jmac - the show started to slip last year. It has always gotten huge critical acclaim, but the ratings the past 3 years have been on a slow decline. They show was kept for 1 final year because the ratings for the highly educated, affluent buyer are so high.

However, they moved the show to Sunday nights and it killed it. Then Leo died in real life and they had to re-write the last 2 months worth of episodes. NBC just stepped in and did the inevitable.

I'm a republican, but that show has had some of the best writing of any thing on TV in years.


Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Wow, count me in with Iron Chef in being amazed (but pleased) that you're a WW fan. You'd probably have plenty to talk about with my friend Brian, an ex-Green-Beret turned rabid liberal who not only has every single episode on tape but has the commercials edited out with almost military precision (he has also been known to threaten physical violence against anyone who talks during the show). Back when it was in its previous time slot, he'd have "West Wing Wednesdays" over at his house and typically pack the place out with dozens of people.

I agree that the show kind of fell off in its last 2-3 seasons, but I think that was kind of inevitable -- whether the producers/writers liked it or not, Martin Sheen WAS that show to a large extent, and once the focus shifted from Sheen's administration to who his replacement was going to be, it kind of sucked some of the energy and clarity from the proceedings. I kind of wonder if, in their heart of hearts, the producers really expected the show to survive after Bartlet's presidency ended.

Yet weirdly enough, there was a part of me that was hoping they'd pull a shocker and anoint Alan Alda's character as the new president, and carry on for at least a season or two with a Republican in the White House. If nothing else, it would've been an interesting change of pace. (Nothing against Jimmy Smits, of course, nor Teri Polo, who would have been the undisputed hottest First Lady in history.)

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me say this: Don't mess with John Cena, he's a baaaaaaaaad man. (Just ask Bumpy Knuckles, baby)

Aaron Sorkin IS, in fact, a very talented writer. Sports Night was excellent. His obvious bias against the South and conservatives wasn't too appealling. I mean, the South gave the nation Cynthia McKinney, for gosh sakes. Sure, she's no Maxine Waters, but she's trying.

I agree that the West Wing was a far superior show to Commander in Chief, but to me, that's like picking the dog with the freshest breath. West Wing is a liberal wet dream: What if we had a Democrat as President who could keep his ICBM in the silo, AND who could outhink and outcharm the Evil Right Wingers Who Clearly Want To Sell Out to Halliburton? I mean, it's not much more farfetched than, say, the Ewok Village in Return of the Jedi, but Martin Sheen is equally cute and harmless.

On the other hand, WW is a documentary compared to the hallucination that is Commander in Chief.

CC makes all the same assumptions as WW, but throws in these likely occurences: What if all that stuff in WW was true, but the President was The Smartest Woman in the World, and 6 feet tall and hot? And, in perhaps the most tranparently ridiculous flight of fancy ever taken, the clear subtext of the show is: And we could have ALL of this if you red state goobs would just let us elect Hillary Clinton!

Pardon me while I try to stem the urge to projectile vomit up everything I've eaten since about 1979.

While I endorse the right of anyone to watch tv shows about whatever they like, this being one of those free market, laissez faire issues, for me, it was impossible to separate President Martin Sheen from Left Wing Nutjob Martin Sheen. As for CC, Geena Davis should stick to archery. Or maybe switch over to porn.

LD said...

There's too much in this thread to respond to it all...

But I too am a big West Wing fan, and I've actually been pretty impressed with the show this season. The focus on the campaign has been much better than the ridiculous plotlines (asteroids?) from a couple of seasons ago.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, my amigo. You are clearly a man of rare taste and an apprciation for subtle, penetrating wit...however, since you disagree with me here, I think you may have just misunderstood me.

You are entirely correct that President Martin Sheen had a different persona on the WW than Real Life Nutjob Martin Sheen. I recognize the difference between the character and the actor, though you've clearly put a lot more thought into the nuances than I.

My only point, other than to pepper my post with sarcastic observations about both shows, was this: In watching Martin Sheen the actor, I was unable to sufficiently distance my distaste for his personal views from his work to allow me to appreciate the way he animated the character he played.

It's kind of the same problem I have with Madonna. Her real life persona of a know-it-all commercial ho-bag prevented me from appreciating the nuanced, measured performance she gave in Shanghai Surprise. Given the relative lack of critical acclaim she receives as actress, perhaps film critics have this same problem. Or, she could just really suck.

I dont fault you for enjoying WW, but I think you missed the nature of my disinterest in Martin Sheen.
Vive le difference.

Anonymous said...

Kyle - regarding....

"17 People," "Bad Moon Rising," "The Fall's Gonna Kill You," "18th and Potomac," and "Two Cathedrals"---may be the finest five-episode stretch of any series ever.

Of the top of my head, I don't remember much of this arc except for "17 People" and "Two Cathedrals". At least I don't remember them by name.

That said, Bravo will be at that point in the series by the middle of next week during the afternoon telecasts.

My favorite story arc in TV history is Commencement, 25, 7A WF 83429, and The Dogs of War. I've never seen a better directed episode of Television than the one where they abduct Zoey.

I've often said that I wouldn't have cast John Goodman as the Speaker of the House. However, I've never come up with a better suggestion.

The first time it came on at our house on Bravo (I missed the show entirely when it first came out) they showed the Speaker's feet walking down the sidewalk and RoyOrbisonDawg says "I can't believe the VP is Robin Williams." Baiting me. Comedy.

The Supremes is an excellent episode as was 2162, Memorial Day, and Game On (if only for the snappy debate).

The worst episodes were:
1. The astroid thing
2. The Wedding - pointless
3. Duck and Cover - the nuclear meltdown response was do damn preachy and heavy headed in comparing itself to the Katrina fallout that it was tough to watch.


Anonymous said...

PWD: As someone who's seen every single epidose of this show, I agree with you about "Commencement". My mouth was agapw through the last ten minutes of the show, and I still get chill bumps thinking about the ending as Leo ran to find the president.

Also, my least favorite episoes were "90 Miles", in which we learn that Leo and Kate met ten years ago (she totes a drunken Leo back to his hotel) and the one in which Bartlett and two other ex-presidents travel to another ex-President's funeral. Oh, and "Access" (the documentry style show about C.J.'s life as the COS) was terrible too.

I'm very impressed with y'all's discussion here - about the last place I'd expect it! If anyone checks back in, let me recommend a website called . GO there and look under shows for The West Wing. That site has great reviews of every show that ever been put out, and they also have some really good forums for discussion. It would be right up your alley.

Anonymous said...

Kyle -- I agree that "90 miles" is just pointless and stupid. It's one of the few that I have only watched once.

As for 25, I think the issue with this comment:
"What if we have two presidents and they both start giving orders?"

They weren't talking about a constitutional ambiguity. Everyone knew what the constitution said. John Goodman would be in charge.

Instead, they were talking about a bigger picture problem.

What happens if Admiral Fitzwallace doesn't agree with what Rosanne's Husband wants to do? What if Barlett asks him to do something different and he agrees with that course of action.

What if he decides to follow Barlett's orders instead of Rosanne's husband? The cabinet member was basically hinting that constitution be damned, he would support Fitz and Barlett.

Thus creating a potential coup. Barlett knew that a coup of sorts was technically possible in this situation and rather than throw us into a constitional crisis he wanted every member of the Cabinet to commit to backing the Speaker of the House.

I liked the discussion, but I didn't appreciate what Barlett and the Cabinet were really talking about until I watched it again.

Anonymous said...

Anon - I liked Access and the Reunion of ex-presidents was interesting to me. Only b/c I've wondered what those encounters must be like.

I found it interesting that some elected to call Jed by his first name.

I don't know the name of the episode, but the one where Josh sits down with Adam from Northern Exposure to talk about the shooting is outstanding.

As is the one where we meet Toby's dad. I've only seen that one once. I think.

My favorite all-time shows might be:

1. Cheers
2. Seinfield
3. Northern Exposure (except the final season)
4. West Wing
5. Family Ties


Anonymous said...

Kyle - it's important to remember that Jed Bartlett is the President of the United States of TV America.

The United States of TV America might have a different 25th Ammendment to their Constitution.

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to tell you what a huge fan I am of both of those ladies.

Miss Hayes would indeed make a good dog break his leash to quote Sam.


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