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April 12, 2006

Dawg Days are here announced the annual Bulldog Club meeting dates. Highlights of the "Mark Richt Appreciation Tour" include:

May 1st in Savannah,
July 29th in Jacksonville, and
July 31st at Colony Square hotel in Atlanta.

Neil "Hondo" Williamson will guest emcee.

In related news, Georgia Tech announced in Yellow Jacket Club dates as well. Highlights of the "Chain Gailey Pan-American Mediocrity Tour" include:

May 1st: Newark, NJ
May 9th: Jersey City, NJ
June 5th: New Delhi
July 19th: Calcutta
July 26th: Taipei

The Chan-wagon is comin'atcha!



Anonymous said...

"Chain Gailey Pan-American Mediocrity Tour"

So. Very. Wrong. But man, that was funny. Ah, the travails of being a fan of SUNY-Atlanta.

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