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April 20, 2006

Easter Turducken

I got an email yesterday from the legendary Iron Chef Turducken, that said simply, "I can’t believe I didn’t think of this." Attached was a link to the Easter Turducken.

As all regular Georgia Sports Blog readers know, a Turducken is a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a chicken turkey. (edit: doh! typo)

Well an Easter Turducken consists of a Cadbury cream egg, stuffed inside a Peep stuffed inside a chocolate Easter bunny. The Easter Turducken web site provides a complete photo history of the invention including the classic line..."Anything worth doing is worth doing with power tools."

Something for next year.



Dan said...

One of my teeth fell out just from looking at those pictures.

Anonymous said...

would love to hear the commentary from Alton Brown as the Iron Chef made his crazy conction

Anonymous said...

I don't know how they do it in Georgia, exactly, but the rest of us have chicken-stuffed-duck-stuffed-turkey Turducken.

Unknown said...

Kevin - it's a typo. It's chicken inside of a duck inside of a TURKEY.

They do it that way here too. Just a typo.

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