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April 3, 2006

New Book: "The Draft" Discusses the Frustration of Fred Gibson's Draft Day

This is pretty sad and tough to read, but has an excerpt from a book called "The Draft" by Pete Williams. It also has a review by Dick Friedman. His review begins:
Here's a strategy for those of you hunkering down for the NFL draft on April 29 and 30: Pick a likely mid-round choice to track and root for. To some degree, this is the approach taken by Pete Williams in The Draft (St. Martin's Press, 328 pages, $24.95), his well-reported look at last year's event and the machinations leading up to it.

Williams, a Tampa Bay-area writer, tells his story through several prisms. He tracks three potential draftees, onetime blue-chippers with uncertain fates: Virginia defensive end Chris Canty, whose blown-out knee has sent his stock plummeting; Wisconsin defensive tackle Antajj Hawthorne, who tests positive for marijuana; and drop-prone Georgia wide receiver Fred Gibson.
I recommend reading the excerpt to see the humilty that Fred showed on draft day as 13 other WRs were picked before him. Many who accomplished much less for their teams in college.

Hat tip to organizednoize on Dawgchat for the link.



Darth Scooter said...

Is Gibson still with Pittsburgh? I'm guessing he's on the practice squad or something, but I really haven't heard much about him.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers cut him pretty quickly, and he was on the Miami practice squad for most of last year. he had a variety of ankle problems as I understand it. All I know about his tenure at Miami is what I read on message boards.

Trey said...

He was cut. He was looking to sign with the Dolphins before the season last year the last time I heard anything.

Anonymous said...

Paul is right in that he was cut, and spent most of the season with Miami on their practice squad. It'll be interesting to see if/who Fred is with in camp this fall, and how much, if any, he has imrpoved as a WR. Always a great athletic talent, physicality and some technique problems kept Gibson from being the truly dominant player he is capable of. I'm rooting for him.

Oh, and great read Paul, thanks for linking it.

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