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April 13, 2006

News and What Not

Herschel News -- Herschel Walker is looking to get more involved in the State of Georgia; however, it won't be in politics despite the long standing rumors to the contrary. Walker told the AJC: ""What I can do is help the state of Georgia in whatever way I can," he said. "I've had a dream for a long time now to do a lot more in the state. I'm hoping to start a couple of companies here and hire people and give some people jobs. I owe it to the state of Georgia; I owe my life to these people."

Hoops - The NCAA is considering a move to allow all teams to play in Pre-Season Tourneys like the Maui Invitational or the NIT Preseason every year. Currently, you can only play in a tourney twice every four years. This might enable the Delta Classic at Phipps or the Georgia Dome to become a mini-tourney. A tourney environment might enable the event to attract bigger name teams; although, it would be awkward for Georgia and Georgia Tech to be in the same preseason tourney.

Walker own his own company. This is his product.

Mayor Kyle is up to Part IV in his series of articles on Gameday Rituals. My favorite installment in the series is about which direction he points his bulldawg statue on gamedays.

And here's an interesting discussion about Richt in Big Games and vs. Rivals.



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