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April 11, 2006

So what ever happened to our SILVER Britches

The last two years, UGA dropped the silver britches in favor of a matte gray finish. Personally, I don't think it looks as good, but there is a heavy historical precedent for it. Herschel Walker wore the gray pants when he won the Heisman.

I only bring it up because Ohio State just lost their silver britches as well in favor of a the gray pants. (ht to Orson)

Here are UGA's pants at different points:

2001 - silver



I don't think it's that big a deal for us given that we've won SEC Titles both ways, but I do have a personal preference for the Silver. But the Buckeyes are certainly bent about it.



Unknown said...

"I don't think it's that big a deal for us given that we've won SEC Titles both ways"

And here I didn't think is was a big deal because they're only pants. Until the pants start running their own plays, I just don't see what they have to do with SEC Championships.

Personally I like the silver and the grey pants. I'm not a big fan of the white pants but as long as Georgia doesn't make one sleeve orange and one sleeve blue in a pathetic attempt to sell more jerseys, I'm pretty OK with Georgia's current styling trends (especially the not-quite-new-anymore simplified helmet striping).

Anonymous said...

I would like to see black pants or even black jerseys for a game. As long as they don't look like Florida, Miami, or Oregon's jerseys we should be okay.

82 said...

CMR gave all the black pants and white pants to local high schools as one of his first moves as head coach. He was trying to get rid of the JD vibe around the locker room. The movement towards the grey from the silver came from Nike as that's what they proposed along with the newer better fitting jerseys. That’s probably what happened to OSU as well.

I for one liked the 'silver britches' too. The grey however are a much better fitting and are made with newer lighter material [sweat resistant] to go with the newer style uniforms. However, the new grey is much harder to clean, it’s the only knock on them from the staff.

Check out our suggestion to go to the red pants as Herschel used to wear. Shock liked them when I showed them to him.

Anonymous said...

We havent won a National Title since we got rid of the red pants and enclosed the railroad end zone. Tear it down.

Gtu has not won anything since they got rid of their navy blue tops.

It seems the Denver Broncos are one of the few franchises that has fared well recently after changing uni's. The Rams lost a SB and have disappeared since then.

Unknown said...

I've seen us in black pants. It isn't all that great. It's ok with white tops, but with red tops we looked like Texas Tech.


Anonymous said...

I also heard that Nike was behind the grey pants. To me, silver looks a little better, but it is not a big difference. What I hate are the new helmets with the two ear holes. They are too big, and combined with the smaller shoulder pads and the too tight jerseys (you cannot even read the numbers on some of them), some of our players look like small kids! Finally, let me say that I hate the black socks the players wear. It looks awful and has an urban element that does not represent the majority of Dog fans.Look at the pictures of players from the 70's and during the Herschel era, we looked better in the details.

82 said...

I personally like the black shoes and socks. I also like the newer better fitting uniforms. What I don't like is all the crap on the back of the helmets. There is an SEC sticker, a flag, a map, HUGE numbers (only Iowa has #'s that big on their helmets, it's retarded looking) then the bones. Holy sh!t there are WAY too many bones by the end of the year. It looks ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

But the Buckeyes are certainly bent about it.

They get bent over the use of "The", of course they're going to get all wound up over some pants.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to forget that the only time we wore the red pants during the 1980 season was in the opener at Knoxville. I woould be in favor of bringing the red pants back for big road games.

Anonymous said...

Let's beat Florida!

Anonymous said...

Ditch the gray pants. Go back to the Silver Britches at home. (Butts era-National Champion-Tradition.)

Coach Dooley gave us our identity in 1964 when he gave us the helmet we so love today. (Dooley era- national champion- tradition.) The Red Britches are as much a (Dooley
era-National Champion-Tradition) as is our beloved helmet.

Bring back the Red Britches for all road games, and road games only. Use the Silver Britches only occasionally for special road games.

Trash the black pants, and don't anyone EVER again display the audacity to mess with our (Dooley era-National Champion-Tradition) helmets EVER again; and I mean NEVER!!!!!!!

In my opinion, the above statement, in it's entirety, should be made part of any future coaching contract that U.G.A. offers any prospective coaching candidate.

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