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April 24, 2006

Top 5 Non-Conference Games: Dream List

Mayor Kyle proposed his list for Top 5 non-conference foes for the Dawgs. His list includes Michigan, Texas, Rutgers (he was kidding), Southern Cal, Ohio State and Notre Dame.

In fact, non-conference match-ups have been quite the discussion point around the college football blogosphere with House That Rock Built, EDSBS and BurntOrangeNation also weighing in on the topic. Not to be left out, here's my Top 5 wish list for UGA.

1. Notre Dame
Notre Dame is like the NY Yankees. Only with more control of the polls. The team everyone loves or hates, and when you play them it's one of the biggest games on your schedule. I talked with some long time Tennessee fans who said that it's amazing how jacked the UT fans get for those games. I loathe the Irish, and I would cherish the opportunity to play them again.

I root for the cooler Pope.

2. Penn State
We. Owe. Them. Huge. Make no mistake about it, we need payback. Jan. 1, 1983 was a brutal outcome for the Dawgs. Having been to Penn State, I know that it's a great place to watch a game. Plus, we would get the bonus of playing a big time opponent without having to deal with big time noise.

Before Joe Pa drops dead, we need a rematch.

3. Michigan
We've visited them twice (1957 and 1965), and we've yet to get a return trip. They are also one of the few quality Big 10/11 teams that we haven't beaten in a bowl lately. Plus, if I don't list Michigan in my Top 5, Kyle will never speak to me again.

Hunt Stevenson. Big UM fan.

4. Texas A&M
The 12th Man. Yell Practice. Pep Rallies. Great traditions. One of the most tradition rich venues in college football. I would love to hit a game here.

Back when the Southwest Conference was rocking, TAMU's 12th man was usually a banker.

5. Nebraska
I thought about this one for a long time. I've heard about their passion, and I'd like to see it up close. Plus, you've got the cool Tunnel Walk intro, which is about eleventy billion times cooler than anything Clemson's got with its ridiculous rock rubbin' idiocy.

Nebraska Tunnel Walk from '99

Who are your Top 5? Who would you like to see the Dawgs face off against.



Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but since you mentioned your trip to Penn State...

I'm tentatively planning on going to the UAB-Georgia game this year, my first trip to Sanford Stadium.

I'm sure UAB is going to get beat like a rented mule (especially without Hackney), but I've been wanting to see the place for a while so I figured I'd venture over for that one.

Kyle King said...

After what happened when the Blazers visited Sanford Stadium a couple or three years ago, I'm not taking U.A.B. for granted.

Nico, once your travel plans are set, let us know. It'd be great to see you in person while we're all in Athens for the game.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

My top five:

1. Notre Dame. As a Papist, I don't hate Notre Dame nearly as much as you do (or as I used to), but I'd still love to see a rematch of the '81 Sugar Bowl.

2. Southern California. It's about time someone showed those pretty-boy surfers how we do it in the Dirty Dirty -- and jeez, if Arkansas can lure them to Fayetteville, surely we can get them to come to Athens.

3. Ohio State. I really, really, really don't like these guys. Plus, my cousin goes to tOSU and got waaaay too full of himself after the '03 Fiesta Bowl -- if the Dawgs were to beat them, that would shut him up pretty quick.

4. Michigan. Kyle and I are in longstanding agreement on this one.

5. Southern Miss. OK, sounds weird, but hear me out: In the 11 seasons since I first went off to UGA, there's only been one team we've lost to and not been able to avenge ourselves (i.e. only one team against whom we're winless) -- the USM Golden Eagles, who handed Jim Donnan a loss in his first game back in '96. All I want is a chance to show them how things usually go between the hedges.

As far as the UAB game, I'll be there too, and looking forward to running into as many of you guys as I can. Still mulling over whether to wear the half-UAB-half-UGA jersey Laura Quinn made for me. (OK, not really.)

Anonymous said...

1. Oregon Ducks or Cal. While it would be nice to take on the big boys of the Pac 10, USC is their only real powerhouse and we should demonstrate the weakness of the middle of their conference. A quality win for UGA, SEC and much needed mud in the face of the Pac 10.

2. Clemson. They are getting too uppety. Bowdens have only been successful at one school and that ended when their /good/ coach came to Athens.

3. Nebraska. A contest of old blood smash mouth football. Last man left standing.

4. Louisville. Boise State proved to be chumps, now let's stump another wanna-be-west-coast pushover. Let's show 'em how the boys of the south really do it.

5. Ohio State. There is something about Tressel's sweater vests make me want to do violence to small animals. It is time the SEC bloodies the nose of the all-too-trumpeted Big 10.

Anonymous said...

1. Southern Cal: I was highly torqued when UCLA backed out of the return game in the early 80s. Alabama and Auburn have both gotten road trips to LA. I'd like to see us play the REAL USC. I grew up watching Keith Jackson call ABC games from the LA Coliseum with Lynn Swann, Charles White, Ricky Bell, etc etc. Always hated them, but I loved the LA mystique.

2. Oklahoma: We've beaten Texas in my lifetime. Ditto Texas A&M. Again, watching ABC games with all Barry Switzer's great wishbone teams, it would be cool to go there. Not nearly as much fun as going to LA, but significant.

3. Penn State: I remember that Sugar Bowl game, too. While I respect all that they've done over the years, that's a score I'd like to try and settle (although nothing will really even up the national championship we didnt win)

4. Stanford: It would be a better game if Stanford didnt suck, but it's a place with a lot of tradition and I think it'd be an interesting road trip. Actually, it would be like playing Colorado will be. Average to mediocre team, but a great road trip.

5. Ohio State: To me, Michigan is overrated. Columbus sounds like more fun, and lately, a better game.

I'd happily take a Michigan, UCLA or Texas game, though.

In the south, I'd like to see us play UNC, Miami or Clemson occasionally. Never understood why we dont ever play UNC. Of all the state schools in the south, they're the most like us, it seems, and they're right next door. Kenan Stadium is actually the blueprint for Sanford Stadium (at least, originally).

Anonymous said...

Penn State is my second favorite NCAA team behind the Dawgs. A home and home with them would be awesome. But with Notre Dame and Alabama both coming up on their schedule, I kind of doubt we can do that series before Joe retires.

Anonymous said...

Here's my Top 5:

1. Nebraska: Great atmosphere to watch a game.

2. Notre Dame: No college football fan should be deprived of a trip to South Bend. Love 'em or hate 'em, the Irish are one of the bedrocks of college football.

3. Penn State: I already called them my second favorite NCAA team and the tailgating is some of the best around.

4. Arizona State: The party scene in Tempe is second to none and it's always good to lay into a PAC 10 team.

5. Texas: Austin is a great town and the 'Horns are great hosts.

Some places I DON'T want us to go

1. Ohio State: Go ask the 'Horns about their trip to Columbus. Thanks, but no thanks.

2. Oklahoma: If we have to play someone from the Big XII, let it be Nebraska or Texas.

3. Miami: South Beach is awesome, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

My top five would be:

1. Penn State - WE ARE GEORGIA! The history of college coaching versus the future of college coaching. Almost like Coach Dooley and the Bear in '65.

2. Texas - Two of the top programs with an home and home. Ratings would be huge, and the game might produce a Heisman or two.

3. WVU - The Sugar Bowl was a fluke and Morgantown is well,.... the moonshines is good.

4. Michigan - bring the "Big House" down to "Our House", Stanford Stadium would rock.

5. USC - The Rose versus the Hedges.

And to follow-up with Jeremy's worst places.....

1. Clemson - Auburn with a lake and I got my ass kicke dther in the 80's after Clemson won.

2. Miami - I think there is an anti-orange team here.

3. Oklahoma - the only thing I know that come from Oklahoma is queers and steers.

4. Maryland - would be too much like playing at Grant Field.

5. VT - Blacksburg with the turkeys?

I also like who Damon has already booked. Colorado and Ariz. State are two good choices to start with.

Canton Bulldog said...

Since there are already plans for Clemson, Colorado, and Arizona State to be on the schedule, I do not include those schools. Here is who I would like to see us add:

1. UCLA/Oregon - I would like to add a Pac-10 school on a consistent basis. I think adding them makes more sense to our winning % than adding USC.

2. Michigan - Ohio State has surpassed them in the Big 10, but the name recognition is still there.

3. Oklahoma - We have never matched up against them and I think we have as a good a shot beating them year to year.

4. Texas - Mack Brown's deal with the Devil is bound to come to and end. Loser of this game is required to replace Bobby Bowden at FSU.

5. UNC - Great setting, easy victory. Aren't they part of the "super-conference" ACC?

Here they places I don't think we should ever visit in any circumstance:

1. Wisconsin/Minnesota/Indiana - It does not matter the time of year, payout, whatever. Nothing sounds less appealing to me than a roadtrip to Madison, Minneapolis, or Bloomington.

2. Va Tech - The only thing I know about Blacksburg is the lightning attacks Lee Corso's car.

3. Penn State - Happy Valley sounds like a bad dish at a bad Chinese restaurant.

4. Kansas State - Boooring

5. Boston College - Seems like any time I catch a snippet of a home game at BC on tv, it is cold and raining.

Unknown said...

Historically, we've played UNC and UVA more times than we have Mississippi State. Despite the Bizarro Dawgs being a co-charter member of the SEC.

I think we've played UNC 30+ times off the top of my head. My guess...we canceled the series because Vince didn't want to beat up on his brother at UNC.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to schedule UNC, NCSU, UVA, or Clemson. Those games are similar to Colorado and Arizona State. In other words, respectable and entertaining without being impossibly hard.

However, if we could play ANYONE just one home/away series in a decade I'd like it to be ND or PSU.


Anonymous said...

1. Notre Dame. For all the reasons everyone has already mentioned. Like it or not (and most of us don't) that's the program they make movies about, and it has been since Ronald Reagan could still play a teenager.

2. Michigan. They don't call it the Big House for nothing.

3. Oklahoma. The real Loser-Replaces-Bobby Bowl. Not much of a road trip, though -- Norman is no Athens. More like Starkeville on steroids.

4. Nebraska. Great tradition and great beatability (so it seems for now). A chance to avenge the horrific beatdown they gave a Paul Gilbert-quarterbacked UGA team 1969 Sun Bowl. But, as Neil Young sings, those winds sure do blow cold way out there.

5. UNC. They are like us, as a school. It is a nice stadium. And we should easily beat them (unless Bunning marks us down for his Job-Saving Upset Special of the Year). As a bonus, by scheduling a traditional basketball power, we could appeal to the vast legions of UGA basketball fans who are disenchanted with the football program and bring them into the fold (sorry, it's an inside joke regarding one of pwd's pet theories of basketball scheduling).

Hobnail_Boot said...

My top 5 looks different than that of anyone else who has posted, so here goes:

1) Washington. Having driven by and around Husky stadium, all I can say is 'Wow'. Oh, to sit in the north stands and watch the Dawgs, while watching the sun set over the water. Also, all over UDub's campus they have lightpost banners proclaming them to be the 'Dawgs'. This is unacceptable and should be dealt with ASAP.

2) Wisconsin. Every time one of those 'Top college towns' lists comes out, Athens and Madison are 1 and 2. I'd love to check it out, and also to witness the post-3rd quarter Jump Around in full affect. Mmm cheese.

3) Florida State. Doak Campbell seems to be one of the most SEC-like venues not in the SEC. We also seem to lose more recruits to FSU than any other school.

4) Notre Dame. Duh.

5) Texas A&M. I want to witness the 12th man in person.

6) UNC. There is some history there, and Sanford was supposedly modeled after Keenan.

Those I don't want to see?

1) Ohio State. They make Florida fans look classy and Tennessee fans intelligent. Why subject ourselves to that?

2) Cal. The Georgia Tech of the west.

3) Oklahoma State/Texas. We already play 18 shades of orange per year.

Unknown said...

1. Texas - My first college football game I ever went to was the 1984 Cotton Bowl where Georgia edged out Texas 10-9 off a muffed punt return attempt. That was one of the best football games I ever went to and a nice way to start a lifetime of college football viewing (first as an SMU fan, then a few years of not watching, and finally as a Georgia fan). Georgia and Texas haven't played each other since depsite them being pretty evenly matched over those years.

2. USC (The real one, of course. Not that fake one in Columbia that likes to call itself USC) - Why have the only three teams in college football to finish in the top 10 every year for the past 4 not played each other more often? USC, Texas, and Georgia should've all played each other a few times during that stretch. Georgia may not have the team they've had for the past 4 years now, but neither does USC. Better late than never.

3. Texas Tech - I'd really like to watch that would-be offense go up against a fast defense for a change.

4. Hawaii - I'd really like to watch that would-be offense go up against a fast defense for a change.

5. Ohio State - They're a consistently good team and would make for a good non-conference, regular season game that college football just doesn't seem to have enough of anymore.

I will note that Michigan and Miami just barely missed my list because I think they may be headed for a few bad seasons over the next few years. I have no doubt each team will staighten themselves out but in the meantime, I'd rather play someone else.

Anonymous said...

1. Texas (consistent top 10 and current champ)
2. West Virginia (Sugar rematch - both halves this time)
3. Florida State (spit on the ACC Bowden v. Richt matchup)
4. Oklahoma (spit on the Big 12 AND Stoops)
5. USC (best of the west)

Canton Bulldog said...

Hobnail .. good call on Washington. I sort of forgot about them since they have been so bad recently.

Anonymous said...

1. Clemson
2. USC
3. Oklahoma
4. Texas
5. Michigan
6. Ohio State

phunkydawg said...

My dream Top 5 Non-Conference: dream list..

1.) TCU this school has been a top 10 dark-horse for the past 3 years it seems... I think a lot of dawg fans would make the trip to fort worth to see this game.

2.) FSU I think that this would be a great home/away series because of the quality of fans,the towns, and the football each school offers up. plus Tallahassee and athens are not that far away from each other...and accourse the Richt Vs. Bowden feature of this game.

3.)VaTech this would be a great game for me just because I hate Virgina Tech and would love to see the dawgs beat them.

4.)TEXAS Athens and Austin are a like in many ways (music,good lookin' women,drinking and football!) also I think we could give them a run.

5.) Ohio State or Penn State, I mean come on we owe Penn State a good ol' fashion beating and what better place than between the hedges. and I just really want to see UGA defense and OSU defense in the same game!

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