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May 25, 2006

Auburn Fan Poster for 2006

Dawgnoxious put this one together using's site. It fits nicely with the GT Team Poster that I uploaded yesterday.

Feel free to make your own and post links to them here. I'll repost direct links to the best.



Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

You've just put a dangerous tool in my hands, Paul. I went a little hog-wild with it yesterday, and the results are here.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is I taught the first two kids...the "A" and the "B". The "B" may be in med school...if he spelled his name right on the MCAT.

Dawgnoxious said...

Anon: Apparently the "A" paid more attention in class than the "B".

Anonymous said...

That is a funny photo, but there are funnier photos that are far more infamous that I put up on my blog in November. Those photos really give Auburn a bad name (There is even a news story about it, if you want to look it up, the photos are not photoshopped)... I think I went too far with it though back then. I haven't been blogging for a bit due to a busy schedule... I found out about Wake vs. UGA and I hope the idea gets scrapped.

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