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May 24, 2006

Ellerbe gets Probation. Enrolls in Mixology Classes

Ellerbe after his INT vs. Boise

The University of Georgia has reached a verdict in the Dannell Ellerbe case. The UGA linebacker was given probation through Nov. 13th and told to complete a class called "Prime for Life," an alcohol education program.

Much to Mike Adams' disappointment, it turns out that Prime for Life is a mixology class where Ellerbe will attempt to become the athletic department's version of Isaac, The Bartender. Remember, football is a team sport, and everyone on the team has a role.
  • Nick Jones is the leader.
  • Dan Inman is the fighter.
  • Quentin Moses is the playmaker.
  • Thomas Flowers gets the girls.
  • Mudcat Elmore is the driver.
  • Martez Milner is good with explosives.
  • Tony Taylor tells the jokes.
  • Ken Shackleford gets the gravy.
What the team clearly needs is a someone to step into the role of bartender -- a full-tilt, finish the drill style mixologist.

They need someone that knows a Prime for Life drink isn't Jim Beam; it's Makers Mark. Someone that appreciates the fact that a cocktail properly presented makes more of a visual impact than one dumped into a plastic cup. Someone that understands that ladies don't respond to Spanish Fly as well as they do Hunch Punch. And more importantly, someone who knows which juice to serve with Gin and Juice.

Not so much this.

Dannell Ellerbe upon completion of the Prime for Life classes will be a better teammate and a better friend to the entire Georgia community. For that, the Georgia Sports Blog salutes him!

More like this.

Ok, seriously. Ellerbe is no where near out of the woods yet. He still has to deal with the Clarke County District Attorney and Mark Richt. Richt will likely wait to see how the case shapes up in court before ruling on playing time penalties.

Luckily, the theft by taking charge will be thrown out because it was his roommate's car. Mudcat Elmore won't push that issue enough for a conviction. Plus, the car he was driving is possessed by a demon. No jury will hold a man accountable for driving a possessed vehicle. It's like a law or something.

The giving false info charge, the DUI and the underage possession charges will be tougher to beat. Thus, he's got some heavy, well-deserved punishment coming from Athens-Clarke County and Richt.

Georgia Sports Blog prediction = 4 Game Suspension



Anonymous said...

If you knew Paul, your man in charge of getting the lovely ladies is off. Flowers may be ok, but the team pimp is Danny Ware. It is unbeleivable how well he can pull.

Unknown said...

The same girl that told me and SceniccityDawg about T-Money Flowers told us about Danny Ware's pull.

Although, apparently both lagged behind Albert Hollis. lol.


ctrosecrans said...

couple of years ago, in the media guide they had a question on who would you like to trade places with for a day -- jon stinchcomb said donald rumsfeld, albert hollis said some porn star. can't remember who it was. great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I already posted this at OnlineAthens:

"He entered a plea of guilty to the charges today in Superior Court (Judge David Sweat).

The Theft by Taking Motor Vehicle charge was of course dismissed. I believe it was Marquis' Elmore's car (or some other player's) and there was no evidence Ellerbe took the car without permission, nor was there evidence he did not intend to return it to Elmore.

The DUI was dismissed because the police did not do any DUI investigation (no field sobrieties, did not read implied consent to get a breath or blood test).

He entered a plea of guilty to reckless driving, underage possession of alcohol and using someone else's ID to get in a bar (Elmore's ID I believe). He was sentenced to 24 months probation, 48 hours jail time, alcohol risk reduction or prime for life, 40 hours community service, and a fine ($400?...I can't remember the exact amount). His privilege to drive in the state of Georgia will be suspended for 6 months (and he may face additonal license issues from North Carolina because he had an out of state license).

Based on the facts of the case, and his lack of any prior criminal history, it was a pretty standard plea. I think he may have even been treated a little more harshly because he was a football player. 24 months probation is a little more than I would have anticipated if I repped a client in similar circumstances with a similarly clean history."

Unknown said...

crew - thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Bert is still around campus? I think he was looking to pursue a graduate degree.

Unknown said...

if he's still on campus, this is his 7th year. If he stays much longer, they'll have to name a building after him.


Anonymous said...

He obtained his undergrad degree Paul. I was wondering if he was pursuing a graduate degree in Athens. There are plenty of people who spend 7 or more years in Athens "at college" and can't even walk out with one degree from Athens Tech.

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